Christian Poetry
Poems by Sandra Louise Marten

Sandra writes: "I'm a woman who loves life, and is so grateful for the power of God, and all His healing ways."

My Recovery

By Sandra Louise Marten

Dear Lord God, and Jesus too,

This is a thank you meant for you,
My words are humble,
But, filled with truth,
I have recovered,
Your healing power,
Is the proof.

I went down with a terrible pain,
I really felt I'd never feel better again,
In the middle of my agony,
I reached out for you,
Within 24 hours,
You came shining through,

You pulled me from my darkness,
You took away the pain,
You soothed my weakened body,
I'm well and whole again,
So now I'm saying thank you,
So now I'm standing true,

Lord, I can't say enough,
In praise, and love of you.

(© 2011 Sandra Louise Marten - All rights reserved. Written material may not be duplicated without permission.)

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