Christian Poetry
Poems by B. Mercy Margaret

B. Mercy writes: " I am B. Mercy Margaret from India working as an Asst. Professor and I'm in part-time ministry for God. "

Is Christ In Our Christmas?

By B. Mercy Margaret

Why are people celebrating Christmas with new dresses but without a new heart?
Why are people celebrating Christmas by showing themselves off and not God?
Why are people celebrating Christmas with their own thoughts and not with God's own heart?
Why are people running around and enjoying Christmas with songs and dancing,
Though they don't have the spirit of God in their own heart?
Why are people celebrating Christmas without Christ?
Why are people ignoring the Christ in their MASS and in their heart?
Let’s celebrate Christmas, not as the world celebrates,
But let us celebrate Christmas with a will and wish in our heart to show the world.
Christ is in us. Christ is with us. Christ is for us.
Jesus Christ deserves the Glory and honour forever and ever.

(© 2011 B. Mercy Margaret – All rights reserved. Written material may not be duplicated without permission.)

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