Christian Poetry
Poems by Jennifer Mallory

How Great Is He?

By Jennifer Mallory

Oh Father how I thank you for the joy here in my heart
For without you I am nothing, just so torn apart
Confusion and strife comes from the enemy
But you offer forgiveness and a life eternally

Thank you for your wisdom
Thank you for my days
Thank you for giving me hope
And to know I am great

Please keep me strong Oh Lord, this life will bring us down
Hold my hand right through it
Help me when I'm down
I lean on you Oh Lord

Everyday I search for your peace, that the enemy wants to keep
But I block it and keep you at reach
I'll praise you all my day's and I'm grateful for your promise
Oh Lord help me patiently wait


(© 2012 Jennifer Mallory – All rights reserved. Written material may not be duplicated without permission.)