Christian Poetry
Poems by James Hyler

James writes: "I'm the proud father of two wonderful children."

One In A Hundred
By James Hyler

A young sheep among a flock wandered
and as he looked around he pondered
"The grass is much greener over there,
I'll go yonder and not even have to share."

Looking and thinking the sheperd was turned the other way,
the young sheep bolted and ran toward the field far away.
As he ran, he thought with glee,
"I'm free, I'm free, I'm free!"

Upon reachig the field of green grass,
the young sheep began to eat very fast.
Without any cares and with unseeing eyes,
he didn't notice as a pack of wolves acsended over the rise.

As the wolves ran, drawing nearer to their prey,
the young sheep looked up and saw them to his dismay.
He started to run frantically, looking for the flock,
and seeing no one, almost went into a state of shock.

Running and looking frantically about,
he saw by the fields edge; the woods and let out a shout.
"I'll run into the woods, it will be safe,
I'll get away from the wolves before it's too late."

Without even giving it a second thought,
the young sheep entered the woods, not finding the safety he sought.
The light grew from bright to dim.
he could barely see in front of him.

Deeper into the woods he was engulfed into a fog,
then he stumbled and ran into a vast bog.
Finally he stopped, barely able to stand,
not realizing he was in quicksand.

As he listened for the wolves, he heard them howl,
and distantly heard as they growled,
"Oh foolish sheep whose wandered astray,
the bog will have you for it's meal today."

A cold chill ran down his spine
as the young sheep tried to run to make up time.
But he could not move, the quicksand held him fast,
and as he sank, he knew his next breath would be his last.

The last thing the sheep heard was the wolves as they laughed,
not even feeling the crook of the Shepherd's staff,
As he hooked it around the young sheep's neck,
and pulled him from death's sandy wreck.

With big, loving, and caring hands,
the Shepherd nourished the sheep to life again.
The young sheep rejoined the flock he once had fled,
never forgetting without the Shepherd, he would be dead.

(© 2012 James Hyler – All rights reserved. Written material may not be duplicated without permission.)

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