Christian Poetry
Poems by Shirley Smothers

Shirley writes: "I am a Christian. I like to write poetry but am not very good at this. I am a mother and a housewife."

Christ's Love
By Shirley Smothers

Heart beats young
heart beats old,
with a love of Christ
your heart beats bold.

Be ye rich
be ye poor,
with a love of Christ
you'll have so much more.

The rain falls
on just and unjust.
But remember Christ
rain settles the dust.

Don't float listlessly
on a sea of confusion,
for a life without Christ
is a life of delusion.

Don't be the sand
upon the shore.
Open your heart
Christ will open the door.

(© 2012 Shirley Smothers – All rights reserved. Written material may not be duplicated without permission.)

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