Christian Poetry
Poems by Leigh Burnett

Leigh writes: "I love the Lord with all of my heart. I've written praise and worship songs (mainly worship) since the age of 15. I began writing poetry about 12 years ago, during a very difficult time in my life. The Lord really began to speak to me about my own deliverance that I prayed about for so many years. After that, he spoke to me to write not only for myself, but for the multitude that's overlooked, even within our churches today. The ones who are hurting, lost, in a bad relationship, needs, physical and emotional healing, deliverance from the occult, witchcraft, and so many other areas as well. These poems are to all of the ones who have been in dark places, and also for the normal everyday person who just goes through trials. I write for everyone, in hopes that each word will touch their lives."

Awaken Oh Sleeper
By Leigh Burnett

Awake oh sleeper, Awake from your rest
For now is the time to be put to the test
A test of faith, a test of love
That will glorify the Lord above

There are souls that cry out to be saved
They are bound in chains, and are the enemy's slaves
Do you pass by and ignore their pain
Or do you pray for their breakthrough of rain?

Do you reach out and let them know
That Jesus died for them, and loves them so?
Or do you just ignore them and go about your day
Making them feel like their thrown away?

Do not remain in the place of your slumber
For time is short, our days are numbered
The lost are waiting on your words
For they may not have seen nor have heard

Do not let the enemy hold you back
Work through each problem and every attack
His plan is to keep you from reaching the lost
To make you think that it's too great a cost

Satan wants to come and plant weeds
To uproot your harvest and steal your seed
You must be awake, you must be alert
For all around you the enemy lurks

Do not look through your fleshly eyes
Instead, the eyes of your spirit, and be very wise
We all are expected to fulfill our call
No matter how big, no matter how small

It's time to be alert, it's time to move ahead
Follow the instructions in His Word you've read
Resist the enemy and he will flee
This will allow you to be free

Do not focus on your past
Focus on His promise that will forever last
Shed off all of those earthly things
For exceeding joy is what He brings

Wake up, wake up, no time to rest
Do not wait in slumber, give God your best

(© 2012 Leigh Burnett – All rights reserved. Written material may not be duplicated without permission.)


By Leigh Burnett

One day I'm in the Lord's presence, it's unimaginable joy
The next day I'm ripped from it, and the enemy won his ploy
But every morning his mercies are new
A new opportunity to see His light shining through

As I entrusted my life in His hands
I began to see his miracle working plan
Prayers I've prayed for so many years
Amazingly answered as I fought back the tears

Though I'm not deserving of this grace you pour out
You still wash away my sins, and remove all my doubts
There is no greater gift than the this life I am living
To use it for your glory and to know I'm forgiven

(© 2012 Leigh Burnett – All rights reserved. Written material may not be duplicated without permission.)


Deliverance Is Near
By Leigh Burnett

Deliverance comes when you least expect
Especially in the middle of life's biggest wrecks
Deliverance from thoughts, deliverance from fears
Deliverance from things that held you captive for years

Don't allow circumstances to take their toll
Hand them over, and give up control
Forgive the pretentious, forgive their lies
Forgive the ones who ripped you apart inside

Forgive those who smiled and just walked away
Withholding encouragement you needed that day
Forgive the ones who abandoned you
During the worst hell you've ever been through

Forgive every offense, both big and small
For your Savior forgives not one, but forgives them all
So as you forgive, you are set free
For by the Blood of the Lamb
You have been redeemed

The enemy goes to and fro, seeking whom he may devour
But God is your deliverer in this very hour
Trust in his promises, He is not one to lie
His hand will reach down and heal you inside

Do not persecute yourself for mistakes of the past
For the Blood he shed forgives sin so vast
Release yourself from the enemy's grip
For his promises are as a sinking ship

The weight you have carried shall be lifted from you
As you trust in God's promises, your life becomes new.

(© 2012 Leigh Burnett – All rights reserved. Written material may not be duplicated without permission.)

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