Christian Poetry
Poems by Matthew Caywood

Matthew writes: "I'm 51, father and grandfather, seperated for many years now. I haven't lived the best life and have made many mistakes along the way. I've come to know the Lord over the past year or so, much more than I ever did before and I just want to share my love for Him with others. I hope this poem does."

Just Three Nails
By Matthew Caywood

Just three nails through hands and feet
the pain is unimaginable
Just three nails through hands and feet
the outcome is not impossible

We live our lives from day to day
often forgetting what it's all about
We fill our heads with worry
our minds and thoughts filled with doubt

God gave his son for us to live without
all it takes is for us to accept
Sometimes feeling like it's useless to try
when it's all in that first step

Just three nails held the weight of the world
one dagger drew blood for all
So many live freely without knowing
He's waiting on us to call

Call out his name and take in his love
it's there if we only would
If we'd only ask for his mercy
the feeling, so unbelievably good

We live out our lives full of sin and hate
not realizing what he went through
We'd live our lives so differently
if we'd only think, if we only knew

It's not too late for any one of us
to make the change and accept his love
Just three nails is all that held
his lifeless body on the cross high above

Above the scorners and sinners that watched
as the darkness overcame the light
Their hatred for him, I cannot understand
He lived and died, for all that is right

Oh Lord Jesus, save us all
save us all from this awful place
Too often it seems we forget about you
our actions are such a disgrace

Satan's glory is our certain demise
if we choose to live life in sin
All God's glory at our fingertips
why lose if we're meant to win

We deal with losses, we deal with pain
always wondering how will we cope
His love is strong and ours to have
his love is what gives us hope

Just three nails is all it took
to deliver us all from our sins
Just three nails and the blood of Christ
to cleanse us, a new life begins

(© 2012 Matthew Caywood – All rights reserved. Written material may not be duplicated without permission.)

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