Christian Poetry
Poems by Lungi

Lungi writes: "I am from South Africa, currently a student and whenever I find time, I love seeking God's heart at all times, finding the abstract in Him. Currently in a path of discovering what my purpose is."

By Lungi

I've flirted one too many times with Luke
For the objective was to be Warm
Betting on the ideology of redemption every time I did Him wrong
quenching the satisfaction of the standards placed forth by man
On the fence within the battles of my own war
A war i already owned and He won
Constantly forgetting-John 3v16
that kind of love, surpassing all understanding
Jesus, Himself

Luke Warm wasn't the objective
when He said unto the image and the likeness of Himself
dust which had now turned into man
he affirmed:
Before ye was formed in the belly of your mother's womb I knew thee
I sanctified thee
Ordained thee a prophet unto many nations

Warmth did not tickle Him when He announced
boldly declaring
I am your Shepherd
my rod and staff comforts you
though you may walk in the valley of the shadow of death
remember I did say
I will prepare a table for you in the presence of your enemies
but what I constantly forget in that same manner
you will lie down in green pastures

But still hung up in Luke
I forgot Heb 12v8
but no weapon formed against me shall not prosper

I've found myself flirting one too many times with His grace and mercy
running on a lane expectations
and thus causing my weary sensation
condensed with ideologies of bet instead of faith
lacking in that one ability he said He'd give me all the strength I need
the angels in wonder of who He has ordained me, you, us into being
exist not the the realm of Luke
the standards of conformity
flirting, constantly
rather remember the dominion given to us in Gen 1v26
for He truly has been too good

(© 2012 Lungi – All rights reserved. Written material may not be duplicated without permission.)

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