Christian Poetry
Poems by Katie Green

Katie writes: "I am a second year student at College of the Rockies in Canada. I plan to major in English, Psychology, and have my teaching degree in five years!"

Gentle Grace
By Katie Green

Howling winds could be heard from within the dirty room. Groans of creaking wood flooded the attic. In this place nothing was a bloom; dust, instead of life, made it’s home.

One with sanity could not stay here hour upon another but I dwell and watch the dust. It floats then falls in most every available crevice. To catch a speck I must.

This is my life. I know these things are worthless; they aren’t expensive or going to bring me recognition. I don’t crave fame. I chase dust. Oh how confused and broken am I.

Should I say, “Welcome” to this heart?

Make yourself at home in this dark, dingy place
Welcome to the attic enamored by past guilt
Cluttered and without proper space
Welcome to the room where empty pages lay torn and scattered
They are from books labeled “Dreams”
Upon entering you will walk atop creaking boards
They are a far cry from one but the only tune

This is a pitiful scene.

My Lord why did you come to visit so soon?

Who could want to see this attic of must and mold?
Perhaps I should set it afire and claim it not as my own
How could I invite you into this place?

Jesus Messiah

I don’t want to gaze upon my sinful desires
The desires have led to evil
Now I stand; now I pace

Denying recollections as I walk with you I know must be faced
I dare deny all the sin compacted within this small space
Please don’t come near
I beg you not to come in
I couldn’t allow you to see the mess I’m in
How could you love such a sinner like me?

“Please, don’t touch that!”

“This uniquely shaped box?” He gently questions.

“Yes.” I reply, disgusted with my compulsive reaction

His carpenter finger glides over the table atop which it sits
He is so close to me; the pain He desperately wants to fix but
Instead He sits
He looks into my eye
His are piercing and warm at the same time,

I sigh and look away,
Not daring to see the compassion and love the Savior has for me,
I would die without your grace
How could you love such a sinner like me?
My life has been a disgrace
Here I am, at such a desperate place

There’s no where to run
No reason to live
Yet there’s something inside encouraging me to survive

All I can do is raise my hands to you
The key must be given to you
I must let you make all things anew
I learn I mustn’t control at all times

In my vulnerability your character can shine
Please take over and make afresh the things I’ve left for death to take

I’m fragile

The box Lord, it’s Yours but please don’t allow me to break
I’m a mess O Lord,
But I’m Yours to take

(© 2013 Katie Green – All rights reserved. Written material may not be duplicated without permission.)


His Beautiful Freedom
By Katie Green

Imagine the cries being emulsified by a God stronger than those who terrify

Imagine turning to Him with all your fears,
When the seas give way

And the mountain range is left burnt, blackened, and bare
As all you cling to are those with which you watch mighty occurrences happen
You are all in terror

Who will save us?
Who can save us?

Has the disease gripped your mind in a vise so constrict you wonder,

“Will it ever again be mine?”

Cry out to Jesus
Cry out to Him
He who saves from terrifying winds!
From the hurricane that feels to have taken your mind by storm
The resounding words from others you can’t seem to escape
They are running throughout and crashing upon against your feeble mind

Is this my prepared fate?


It does not have to be:

Feel free to hand over any rights get on your knees, bow grief to His might
It is not, “Maybe He will take up your case.
Your convolution of sins may cost a high wage.

Well they did
But that price has been paid

He will take up your case
He will fight by your side

He is your deliverer

He will set you free
He has set you free; He is your best friend and will always be

Once you give it to Him He will work to set you free
Rest in Him, Trust in Him

Where is the validity of the claims I make; how could such a God be?

Take into consideration a label I’ve made available for all to see:

This has been a thoughtful note written and addressed to a past me.

(© 2013 Katie Green – All rights reserved. Written material may not be duplicated without permission.)

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