Christian Poetry
Poems by Gerry Rzeppa

Gerry writes: "I am a born-again Christian who loves the Lord Jesus Christ with all of my heart.  I am a teacher, author, artist and song writer.  I am married to my beautiful wife, Sharon, and a father to three amazing children."

By Gerry Rzeppa

A silhouette black as jet
against the evening sky
four of them from Bethlehem
where fields are cracked and dry

A woman and her husband
two boys almost grown
strangers in a stranger land
our gods not like their own

Bitter herbs their lord decides
two made one he soon divides
marriage marriage widowed brides

Daughter daughter go and live
my womb has no more sons to give
widows all widows three
one east one west and that leaves me

Gods of wood gods of stone
a god unseen on fearful throne
gods of clay gods of dirt
a god perhaps who heals the hurt

Naomi Naomi wait for me
where you are I would be
and if you die I die with thee

Hill and plain amber grain
as far as eye can see
kinsman's land redeemer's hand
might he take note of me

A stranger in a stranger's place
a stranger's god my own
go she says and plead for grace
like mercy you have shown

I take the covert from his feet
he shivers stares then smiles sweet
shelters me with his own sheet

Brother brother sit down here
Naomi sells her land this year
if you want it make your claim
and raise up seed in nephew's name

Land of honey land of milk
land so marred by foreign ilk
land to graze land to plant
oh take it for thyself I can't

Naomi Naomi who could guess
a suckling child at your breast
son of Ruth and Boaz blest

(© 2014 Gerry Rzeppa – All rights reserved. Written material may not be duplicated without permission.)

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