Christian Poetry
Poems by Mack Moore

Mack Moore was born and raised in North Carolina, U.S.A. He has authored two books. His poetry book is designed to uplift and inspire people. He writes to encourage and inform people about Jesus, His Word, and His Love.

As Real As The Wind
By Mack Moore

God is real, like the wind.
You can't see the wind,

But you can definitely feel the wind and its effects.
You can't see God, but you can definitely feel God

However, you can see God through believers,
I mean mature believers.

You can see Him through the actions and lives of mature believers.

In past examples, He appeared physically before people.

For example, He appeared before Moses as a flaming bush.
He appeared before Abraham with two angels.
He appeared before Jacob and allowed Himself

To be wrestled with by Jacob to see how bad Jacob wanted to be blessed.

So He blessed Jacob and changed his name to Israel,
Which means "Prince with God".

Another example was that He took the form of a man And came to this world

In the person of Jesus Christ.
Jesus is more than a name.

It means "Jehovah Saves".
He came to this world to offer and sacrifice His life for our sins.

Those that believe in Jesus will be saved and go to Heaven.
So in conclusion, God is real, as real as the wind.

(© 2015 Mack Moore – All rights reserved. Written material may not be duplicated without permission.)


As Real As The Wind
By Mack Moore

Life is a journey,
It has its ups and downs
Sometimes you feel afloat sometimes you feel you are about to drown.

Sometimes you feel stuck and going nowhere
Other times you feel like resting because you have been everywhere.
People can learn as they grow older
Getting to know Christ can help you become bolder.

He will teach you to fight and stand up for what’s right
Even in darkness He will be your guiding light.
Even when you do wrong, He will teach you how to do right

There are many lessons to be learned
Blessings can be received or given at anytime and don’t always have to be earned.
The truth is what everybody yearns.

Life may bring you trials and tribulations,
But knowing Christ will bring you smiles and jubilations.

Even in a spiritual desert He is the Living Water that’ll quench your thirst
He is forever at work
Ready to carry you through life on a gurney
To keep you safe during the bad times in life which Life is a journey.

(© 2015 Mack Moore – All rights reserved. Written material may not be duplicated without permission.)

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