Christian Poetry
Poems by Selah

Selah writes: "I started writing at the age of 6 but did not start writing poetry until after I gave my life to Christ. Therefore, I know without a doubt that I have been called to minister through Christian Spoken Word!"

Look At You Loving Me
By Selah

As I consider the moon and the stars that Thou hast ordained who am I that You would be so mindful of me when I used to take Your name in vain?

Doing everything that I was big and bad enough to do but never doing those things that were pleasing to You.

Oh I remember my days of sin of drinking and getting high
and all the sex on the weekend.

I remember never having time for You and only praying when I needed to get something from you like the druggies favorite prayer.

Lord if you bring me down this time I promise, I promise You, I will never touch it again and then 1, 2, 3 days later I was at it again.

I remember never going to church like I should except for on Mother's Day
and Christmas day and if I wasn’t to drunk or passed out
somewhere on New Year's Day.

Cause you know back in the day I didn’t care what those preachers had to say.

I was sitting in the back of the church looking at my watch especially on game day and if my team started losing I would always remember to pray:

"Lord please let the Dallas Cowboys get this next touchdown and please let Dr. J and the 76ers advance into the next round in Jesus name, Amen."

But then one day something happened. I was driving from the ATL back home to DC and all of a sudden the Holy Spirit decided He wanted to visit me.

He hit me with a consuming fire and all of a sudden I had this desire to know You.

At first I didn’t know what to do but then the Holy Spirit
began to lead me into all truth.

He showed me how to repent for my sins and showed me the door to the kingdom and encouraged me to come on in, and now I’m standing here born again
looking at You loving me.

Leading me and guiding me, being a light unto my path and a lamp unto my feet sending Your sweet Holy Spirit to dwell on the inside of me that I may be whole and complete look at you loving me!

Some people want to take all the credit for their success in their lives and they don’t care about doing things that are right but I know that
You have touched my life.

I have tasted and I know that You are good and the Holy Spirit leads me and guides me so I’m only doing those things that I should.

So I don’t understand how people can say that You don’t exist or that You can’t be real but one thing is for sure they can’t take away what I feel.

So while they’re tripping, trying to figure out if the world was created by You or if You hung the sun or if you hung the moon or if there is
such a thing called eternal life.

I will look up in the sky and thank You for saving my life!

Blowing You kisses with tears in my eyes knowing without you on my side that many days I could have died!

So, as I consider the moon and the stars I must admit I’m still a little puzzled on why You would be so mindful of me.

But I won’t ever stop looking at You Jesus loving me!

(© 2002 Selah – All rights reserved. Written material may not be duplicated without permission.)

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