Christian Poetry
Poems by 
Christine E. Clarke

Christine writes:  "I am a phenomenal poet with a very deep passion for writing spiritually uplifting poems. It gives me great pleasure to use my inspiring poems to glorify God and to be a source of encouragement and blessing to others."

My Precious Blood Has Set You Free
By Christine E. Clarke

The trials were many,
There was pressure on every side from the enemy.
Surrounded by fear and doubt,
It seemed there was no way out.
The storms were raging higher
And causing much disaster.

No hope seemed to be in sight,
Everything was as dark as night. 
Oh where is the light?
Will someone help me fight?

Father God, have mercy,
As I go through this lonely valley, 
Be with me.
Then came a voice, I am here
I love you and I care.
There's no need to worry,
Put your trust in Me,
I will take you through safely.

I have seen every tear, I heard every cry,
I assure you that you shall not die,
You shall live to declare the works of the Lord,
As it is written in the holy word.

Give Me your heart,
I will cleanse it and give you a fresh start.
I am the truth, the life, the way,
The old things are passed away,
It's the dawn of a new day.

I am the Lord, Saviour, redeemer and deliverer,
Your strong tower, burden bearer and healer,
Come to Me and find shelter,
Be encouraged the struggle is over.

Jesus is my name,
I'm sending an abundance of rain,
Your river will flow again.
I have seen your sorrow and pain,
But I will cause you to smile again.
Your joy has come, this is your morning,
No more weeping.

I have taken the ashes and given you beauty,
My precious blood has set you free,
You are an overcomer, you have the victory. Amen 

(© 2015 Christine E. Clarke  – All rights reserved. Written material may not be duplicated without permission.)

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