Christian Poetry
Poems by Evangelina

Evangelina writes: "I am 18 years old and a believer. In my poems, I wish to express God's goodness so that others may be encouraged."

Moment of Contemplation
By Evangelina

How is it that I've forgotten
That my life is not my own
Mindlessly chasing pleasures
Spending hours on my phone

Obsessing over my wants my needs
And not noticing others
Unintentionally ignoring them
Though they be sisters and brothers

Greedily coveting the praise of man
Dreaming of being the best
Until I remember just who GOD is
How in Him I am blessed

Then I wish to become a nobody
All for His glorious name
To be un-noticed by the world
In all things to bring Him fame

My heart swells painfully with love
In anticipation of servitude
Truly, my life is not my own
And I rejoice with gratitude

Thank you LORD
For your truth and revelation
Thank you FATHER
For this moment of contemplation

(© 2016 Evangelina – All rights reserved. Written material may not be duplicated without permission.)

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