Christian Poetry
Poems by Colan Hiatt

Colan writes: "I am retired and live in Mount Airy, NC., with my wife, who apart from God is my greatest inspiration. I have been writing poetry for several years. Writing poetry is the greatest "outlet" I have ever experienced to release my inner emotions, and express my stance on spiritual issues. Most compositions, are derived from observing "down-to-earth" events that occur around us. Many offer a personal "mini-story" with a metaphor of spiritual implications that portray God as the ultimate solution to life's problems. My goal is that any and all compositions will present Christ and His sacrifice at Calvary as the solution to problems encountered along our journey."

No Vacancy
By Colan Hiatt

While driving cross-country we lighted upon
A quaint little tourist town
It's charm and beauty promised more
Than any others we had found

It's appeal prompted us to seek
The refuge it could afford
In fact, this could be vacations end
What other place, could offer more?

But as we slowly scanned the streets
Much to our dismay
Everywhere, "No Vacancy" appeared
Not even, a chalet

If we had known, and been prepared
This would not now be our plight
The end of day was now upon us
And we had no refuge for the night

If only arrangements, we had made
Consulted brochures or signs,
We would not be facing this dilemma
If we had observed, - basic guidelines

I find this to be a metaphor
To the journey here in life
When we stand at Heaven's gate
Will there be refugee from our strife

There will be a "No Vacancy" sign
If preparations have not been made
But to those accepting God's sacrifice
Their entrance has been, - - prepaid!

(© 2023 Colan Hiatt – All rights reserved. Written material may not be duplicated without permission.)

By Colan Hiatt

A childhood marked by poverty 
His commodities, we're very few 
Comfort and luxury, as others had
None of these, he ever knew

The meager resources that he had 
Were channeled as best he could 
To "make lemonade from a lemon"
Was a principal, - he understood 

Determination and perseverance
And seizing every opportunity 
Began to yield dividends 
Soon a ray of sunshine, he could see 

Prosperity later became reality 
Success came to his door 
"Rags-to-riches", was now the story
A lifestyle that was not know before 

A greater analogy comes to my mind 
A Babe in a manger in Bethlehem 
Surrounded by cattle in a stable 
The future appeared, bleak and dim

Later, he had no place to lay His head 
Yet He ascended to Heaven’s throne 
Is this not a "rags-to-riches" story 
No greater one was ever known 

Our righteousness is but filthy rags
"Works" could never merit His grace 
But riches untold are ours to claim 
If we only, His plan embrace 

Scarlet sins, now whiter than snow 
When His blood is applied 
The vilest sinner is now clean 
When under His wing, they abide 

Everyone who has turned to Christ 
Can claim a "rags-to-riches" story 
Impending doom, they have escaped 
To gain Heaven’s eternal glory   

(© 2016 Colan Hiatt – All rights reserved. Written material may not be duplicated without permission.)

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