Christian Poetry
Poems by Patricia C. Greene

Patricia writes: "I am a Christian author, poet, youth leader and educational paraprofessional."

Faith Wins the Fight
By Patricia C. Greene

Who do you think you are?
Telling me I can't succeed
Telling me I can't make it
Telling me I shouldn't try...
You Lie!
I hear you whispering in my ear
Trying to confirm my deepest darkest fears
You say that I'm a failure
You say don't waste your time
You say they'll never listen
Ahh...Give up! And change your mind!
When all the while inside of me
I hear voice speak tenderly
A little faith is all you need...
Only the size of a mustard seed
I speak to You doubt
You're always at war
Battling against my faith
But I know who you are!
I am resolved! 
You will not win!
God's Word has awakened 
From the ashes of fear within
Doubt comes knocking at your door...
Be determined even more
Persevere with all your might!
And know your faith
Will Win this fight!

(© 2017 Patricia C. Greene – All rights reserved. Written material may not be duplicated without permission.)

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