Christian Poetry
Poems by John Chamberland

John writes: "I have always wanted to share this poem with other Christians for a long time. This poem was my way of saying what living water meant to me."

Living Water, Precious Still
By John Chamberland

Living Water, our precious stay,
in the heat of our lives this day.

How we do need it, and how we must drink,
that our souls be refreshed lest our own spirits sink.

The fire of our trials and the anguish of life,
can altogether end us unless we drink of His light.

And though as humans our emotions do feel,
the flows of our lifetime which are O’ so real,

He’s there through the triumphs and yes, the travail,
God’s deep love for us will see us prevail.

He is our fountain in times of distress,
He is our spring when we also are blessed.

No one can stop Him from pouring His wine,
to our hurting hearts, His Water Divine.

We do need so dearly His love from above,
His great love for us poured out through His Dove.

This Water that’s Living and so vibrant still,
is so truly good, so vivid and real.

It’s friendship with Him on a scale so deep,
no depths can surpass it, and no obstacles keep.

All of our feelings, our pains no one knows,
our joys and our gladness, our hopes that we sow,

He wants us to share and speak on His lap,
as a dearly loved child with shame nowhere at.

For He died on a cross so brutal and cruel,
so He could receive us, and that white as wool.

This is the Water, so Living and true,
your love talks with Jesus; just Him and just you.

It’s unique all its own and never goes dry,
its well is unsearchable so never we’ll sigh.

Our Water is love with our Maker and Lord,
sharing our secrets, our wishes and more,

And giving our burdens to Him so He’ll bear,
and give us His peace which none can compare.

His answers are wondrous to our prayers we share,
As He gives us His grace when our souls we do bear.

He wants so much to be our most intimate Friend,
faithful and true to us right to the end.

He loves us so deeply, so rightly and pure,
His Word is so perfect, and His assurance is sure.

This Living Water that God did distill,
will forever spring torrents of great joy still,

If just we ask Jesus to forgive us our part,
and pray to Him always with all of our heart.

Pray to Lord Jesus, receive with delight,
this pure Living Water, so clear and so bright.

And know that eternal this Water will flow,
deep in your heart with love you will show.

(© 2019 John Chamberland – All rights reserved. Written material may not be duplicated without permission.)

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