Christian Short Stories

Church Aims for Large Thanksgiving Day Dinner Turnout
By Greg Miller

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One church’s biggest yearly event was its annual Thanksgiving Day dinner.

“Every year, we work hard to have a higher attendance than we did the previous year,” Thanksgiving Dinner Committee Chairwoman Annette told the committee’s two newest members, Arnetta and Anna.

“What was last year’s attendance?” asked Arnetta.

“Two hundred and three,” announced Annette.

What was the total from two years ago?” queried Anna.

“Two hundred and two!” Annette thundered.

“Not much of an increase,” Anna observed.

“Every soul to whom we minister is important to the Lord,” Annette reasoned.

“So our goal for this year is a minimum of two hundred and four?” asked Arnetta.

“That’s right,” said Annette. “But that will be our public goal. “I really hope we have two hundred and fifty.”

Annette told Arnetta and Anna she wanted to have a big advertising campaign for the dinner. “Advertising is no problem since all the local newspapers offer free promotional space to the churches,” Annette said.

Anette, Arnetta and Anna worked hard to assure a large turnout at the dinner. The free newspaper advertising appeared each week.

The adults invited their co-workers to the event. Alice, the children’s church director, asked the youngsters to invite their classmates to the dinner.

Andy asked all his friends to go to the meal and encouraged them to invite their friends. “You’re really pushing this Thanksgiving dinner, aren’t you, son?” asked Andrew, Andy’s dad.

“Jesus gave His best and His all when He died on the Cross for me,” Andy explained. “Surely, I must do the same for Him.”

Most of the adults and children gave excuses for not attending the meal. “I must stay home and watch a football game on TV,” said Arnie, Andy’s best friend. “It’s a tradition. My dad and I always watch football together on Thanksgiving Day.”

“I’ve already made plans to attend my twenty-fifth high school reunion,” said Austin, Annette’s brother.

Two of Annette’s friends planned to attend the dinner, but were unavoidably hindered. On the way to the meal, Ace and his wife, Andrea, headed to the hospital. “Our unborn baby let us know in no uncertain terms she was ready to enter our world,” Andrea later told Annette. “She started yelling, ‘Ready or not, Mom and Dad, here I come, and I’m not waiting for you to finish some fancy turkey dinner!’”

With two hundred and fifty people in attendance, the event was a huge success. Annette was always looking ahead, so she began thinking of the following year’s event. “Attendance will be even better next year,” she announced. “We can break the record attendance in a big way, if all the families in the church will simply agree to have one more baby!”

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