Christian Short Stories

Old Year and New Year Spar
By Greg Miller

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Old Year and New Year, as usual, held their annual end-of-year, beginning-of-year verbal contest.

“Your time is almost over!” New Year bragged. “It’s almost time for you to disappear like a magician’s best trick!”

“I have several hours of life left to live,” Old Year objected. “And you can’t make me leave even one second early.”

“You have already lived more than 364 ½ days,” New Year complained. “Why don’t you just be a good sport and fade gracefully into the post-midnight afterlife?”

“For one thing, the Sovereign Lord gave life to me,” observed Old Year. “And you have no power to shorten my life by even a fraction of a second.”

“I’d like to ask you a couple of questions,” said New Year.


“The first question is what have you enjoyed the most about your year of life?”

“I started my year of service to God by doing several of the things I believed God wanted me to do,” replied Old Year. “The first couple of months were smooth sailing.”

“Then what happened?”

“Over the course of time, I began to attempt to do things in my own strength. I forgot the Sovereign Lord was my inspiration, my joy and my strength.”

“What do you regret the most about the year of life you were given?”

“I regret that I failed in my attempt to totally please the Sovereign Lord. He’s been so good to me, and I know I’ve let Him down. I have asked Him for forgiveness, and I know I’ve been forgiven, but I’m so sorry I’ve let Him down.”

Old Year’s story touched New Year’s heart. “I feel like doing something nice for you,” said New Year. “I’ll let you live for an extra day or two to let you catch up on some of the things you didn’t get accomplished.”

“I don’t want you to do that,” said Old Year. “In fact, you can’t do that. The Sovereign Lord Himself is the Lord of and ruler over time, and just as I have taken responsibility for the time I was given, you must do exactly the same thing.”

New Year realized she wasn’t quite ready for the rigors of the minutes and seconds of the year of life she was being given. “I must get ready for my time to let God shine through me,” she said. “Before I can officially take over my responsibilities of 2017, I should spend some time in prayer so I’ll be ready to begin wearing my New Year’s crown when the clock strikes midnight.

“The one thing I’ve learned from this conversation is I won’t be able to accomplish anything without prayer!”

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