Christian Short Stories

God’s Favor Results in Additional Vacation for Couple
By Greg Miller

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Mitzi sat on her living room sofa as she watched the morning TV news.

Mitzi listened intently to Morgan, the weather reporter. “Today’s high temperature will be 19 degrees,” said Morgan. Snow will begin falling by 4 p.m., dumping up to a half foot of frozen beauty all across our region.

“After tonight’s estimated low of 2 degrees, we anticipate tomorrow’s high will be 58 degrees. Tomorrow night’s low will be about 40 degrees. Wednesday’s high will be 12 degrees, with a 100 percent chance of accumulating snow. Wednesday’s low will be five degrees below zero.” Morgan estimated Thursday’s high would jump to 72 degrees, with Thursday’s low only dropping to 50 degrees.

“Looks like we have roller coaster weather this week, Folks,” Morgan joked.

“You’re certainly right about that,” Mitzi thought. “I, for one, am ready for an early spring.”

As if he could read Mitzi’s mind, Morgan said, “I know some of you are wishing for an early spring, and I think we are actually going to experience that scenario.”

When Medford, Mitzi’s, husband, arrived home from work, Mitzi announced, “According to the latest weather report, we’re going to have an early spring.”

“That’s great. I have some extra vacation, and I suggest we go to Hawaii to celebrate.”

“Hawaii! Wow! It’s a dream come true! Thanks a lot!”

“You’re welcome. Besides, you’ve been working so hard here at home, taking care of the children and the house and preparing your famous gourmet meals.”

“You deserve a vacation, too. You work 50-60 hours at your office each week. You also help a lot here at home.”

“I’d say a couple of weeks in Hawaii will do both of us a world of good.”

“We both need some rest and relaxation, that’s for sure.”

“Mitzi, a few months ago, your sister Monica said anytime we wanted to take a trip she would watch the children for us.”

“I’ll call her tonight and ask her if she can still do that for us. When would you like to leave.”

“I’ll call the airline and hotel tonight and schedule the flight and reserve the room. We can probably leave in about one week. Getting that extra vacation was a real miracle. My boss gave the additional days to me for all the overtime I’ve worked.”

Mitzi smiled and replied, “It’s more than that. It’s the divine unmerited favor and grace of the Sovereign Lord.

“Medford smiled back and replied, “Amen, Mitzi! Amen!”

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