Christian Short Stories

Christians Learn About God’s Faithfulness
By Greg Miller

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Pastor Victor, his wife Victoria and their daughter, Vickie, always shared God’s goodness with others.

All three spoke frequently at various community events. Pastor Victor officiated at most of the town’s weddings. Victoria sang at numerous children’s birthday parties. Vickie hosted a weekly television program spotlighting up-and-coming Christian singers.

Everything seemed to be going along smoothly, then multiple tragedies struck the family. Pastor Victor, Victoria, and Vickie, however, continued to trust in the Sovereign Lord.

In an effort to supplement his meager minister’s salary, Pastor Victor had started a small business a few years earlier. During a downward economic spiral, Pastor Victor’s business dried up.

Victoria was diagnosed with a rare form of cancer, but was given a good long-term prognosis.

A gunman who entered the television station where Vickie worked shot and seriously injured Valerie, one of Vickie’s co-workers.

In the face of developing events, the family stood strong. Pastor Victor’s mantra became, “God is good all the time, and all the time God is good.”

“God is always faithful to us,” said Victoria. “I’m so glad I trusted Jesus as my savior.”

“I’ve always been taught Jesus loves me, and I know He isn’t going to leave me now,” said Vickie.

Vickie made that statement to Valerie when she visited her friend in the hospital. “I agree with you, Vickie,” said Valerie.

To celebrate Valerie’s leaving the hospital, Pastor Victor, Victoria, Vickie and Valerie got together at a popular restaurant, where they discussed the Lord’s faithfulness to His children. “God has always been faithful,” Pastor Victor declared softly but enthusiastically.

Victoria quoted one of her favorite verses, Psalm 94:14, ‘“For the Lord will not cast off his people, neither will he forsake his inheritance.’

“I know the Lord is always by my side,” she said.

Pastor Victor reminded the group about how God delivered Job in the Old Testament. “God allowed Satan to touch many area’s of Job’s life, but would not allow the adversary to kill His servant,” said the pastor.

Vickie mentioned the writings of Paul in Second Corinthians chapter 11, where Paul, she said, “was frequently imprisoned, received 39 stripes five times, beaten three times with rods and stoned once. And that’s just some of the things he experienced.”

A thought just occurred to me,” said Valerie. “God is always with us, but we only seem to realize it when things in our lives are right side up. Job realized it all the time, even when things were turned upside down!”

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