Christian Short Stories
Imaginative Prayer

Imaginative Prayer
By Dorothy (Dotts) Lewellyn Justice

"Imaginative Prayer" is intended to prepare one for a deeper insight to God's word. It also is suggested to read this before reading other of Dott's Christian Fiction that will follow.

Take a moment to be still. Relax. Get in touch with your senses. Allow your mind to explore your entire body and relax the tension. Close your eyes. Listen to the sounds around you. Be aware of the sense of smell. Notice the odors in the room. Be present to God.

Read a Gospel passage.

View the scene: See what the people are doing, here what they are saying. What do the people feel? What does Jesus feel? What does the scene tell us about Jesus?

Reflect on the scene. What does it say to me?

Speak what is in your heart.

Enter the scene, be present. Let Jesus heal you, teach you, feed you, wash your feet. Minister to Jesus. See..hear..feel..taste.

What do you feel?

Reflect on the scene. What does it mean to me?

Speak to the Lord and let Him speak to your heart.

(© 2009 Dorothy Lewellyn Justice – All rights reserved. Written material may not be duplicated without permission.)

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