Christian Short Stories

No Doubt
By Katherine Payne Ostrom

Katherine writes: A wife, and a mother of 4 grown children, I enjoy expressing my innermost thoughts through writing.

Our heavenly Father is so merciful. Who else but God can change a sinner's outlook on life?

For living a loveless existence, feeling unwanted is sheer agony. Each day remains a challenge, struggling to survive countless, glum, and lonely hours. Security within relies feeding upon negative attitudes.

Why? Because inner dependence stems from feeling blue, possessing an, "I don't give a damn attitude." You conclude the majority of the human race doesn't care about a neglected, abused individual.

Your bottled bitterness and resentment are choice weapons to attack a target. Its ambition and goals are to build a powerful barrier, proving to society God does not exist.

Yes, pride and lies deceived me spiritually. Unexplained circumstances revealed awareness the Holy Comforter actually lives. Experiencing a glowing feeling, I sensed Heaven's door opened. A springtime breath of mountain air sweetened the skies. Nature appeared lovely. The peaceful, self-satisfaction flowed freely to reach the depths of a hungry, thirsty soul.

I'm only a new born child of God. A a babe, I cry for knowledge and wisdom of God's truth. Eventually, through Jesus Christ, my 'mustard' seed faith continues to be sturdier, more solid, as the BOOK OF AGES.

However, I pray, "God, give me strength to fight life's battles. Yes, renew a weakling's courage to smile after facing defeat. Toss needed patience to endure unforeseen hardships."

Sitting upright in a burnt-orange chair, I feel happy. I am content, anticipating no sorrow or pain. I know my invincible fortress shan't hold up forever. Unexpected turmoil may strike a hard blow. Sadly, a cornerstone and tumbling mortar fall.

Heavenly Father, you feel my pain. We unite, and fight. Fallen maybe, but not beaten. Together, we overcome obstacles, defeating Satan. Welcoming spiritual success, we reign victorious winners.

Thank you Lord for keeping me alive in your earthly kingdom. Use me to glorify your name in word or deed.

(© 2011 Katherine Payne Ostrom – All rights reserved. Written material may not be duplicated without permission.)

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