Christian Short Stories
An Ocean's Wave

An Ocean's Wave
By Jay Miller

Jay is a writer of children's books. You can check out his website at All God's Critters.

Soon I will be there
This place I’ve found
So long I’ve waited
Drifting around

I’ve been everywhere
I’ve seen many shores
It seems they never end
There’s always more

But for this I’m grateful
This precious moment in time
While I seep in this cleansing sand
This home will be mine

I’ll drift out to sea again
Where, I don’t know
But for right now
I don’t have to go

I’ll spread out my arms
I’ll hug all I can
And touch this place
On God’s precious land

Some days I’m mighty
Some days I’m small
Right now I’m breaking
At peace with it all

At Home again… Thank You Lord…

(© 2009 Jay Miller – All rights reserved. Written material may not be duplicated without permission.)

You can find Jay's books at our Christian Children's Store. They make great Christmas gifts. Kids love books!

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