Christian Short Stories

Mamma Spring is expecting Baby Spring
By Greg Miller

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Mamma Spring was anxiously awaiting the arrival of Baby Spring.

Mamma Spring found out that Baby Spring was on the way at the beginning of the previous summer. “I’m looking forward to having a happy, healthy Baby Spring,” Mamma Spring told her husband, Papa Spring.

“And how will you know Baby Spring is healthy?” inquired Papa Spring.

“Baby Spring will have a perfect mixture of warm and cool temperatures, rain and snow, non-windy days and days with brisk, cool winds!” declared a wise Mamma Spring.

“Along with a permanent desire to continually fool the weather forecasters!” she beamed.

“Yes, I realize that all of our Baby Springs thoroughly enjoy irritating the weather reporters,” chuckled Papa Spring.

“They get that from my side of the family,” bragged Mamma Spring.

“They sure do,” smiled Papa Spring. “And they get their tendency to show up for three consecutive months every year from me.”

“Your dependability and consistency are the qualities that first attracted me to you,” said Mamma Spring. “Plus, you’re so rugged and handsome.”

“Thank you, Honey,” said Papa Spring. “Your sweetness is what attracted me to you.”

Baby Spring always arrived on the first official day of spring. “We just can’t seem to fool those weather reporters with that detail,” said Mamma Spring.

“Well, it just goes to show you that God knew what he was doing when He created the seasons,” acknowledged Papa Spring.

“We must be responsible parents to Baby Spring,” said Mamma Spring.

“Of course,” agreed Papa Spring. We’re going to teach Baby Spring respect for his parents and siblings, as well as for all the other seasons. We don’t want him to grow up and complain all the time about the weather like some adult humans do.”

“I know,” replied Mamma Spring. “Some days all I hear from those humans is “It’s too cold,” “It’s too hot,” “It’s raining cats and dogs,” or “I wish it would rain even harder.”

If I were a human, I’d be thankful just to be alive, no matter what the weather,” said Papa Spring.

“I know,” said Mamma Spring. “Sometimes I don’t understand those humans at all.”

“We seasons, on the other hand, aren’t fickle like those humans,” said Papa Spring. “We appreciate each day of our three-month-long life, and we are so appreciative to be resurrected nine months later.”

“Baby Spring will grow up to be just like us,” promised Mamma Spring.

“That’s right,” said Papa Spring. “Hard working, thankful, kind and considerate.”

“And consistent and dependable like his daddy,” said Mamma Spring.

“And sweet like his mamma,” chuckled Papa Spring.

(© 2012 Greg Miller – All rights reserved. Written material may not be duplicated without permission.)

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