Christian Short Stories

By Katherine Payne Ostrom

Katherine writes: A wife, and a mother of 4 grown children, I enjoy expressing my innermost thoughts through writing.

Thirty years ago, a cherished girlfriend taught me a valuable lesson. After confiding intimate secrets her eyes darted. Pleading, she whined, "Remember this is between you and me. Don't repeat it to anybody."

I felt smug. Our bond existed in a no broken truce.

I betrayed her. I broke my vow. Feeling guilty, I apologized. Listening, nodding her head she hugged my neck saying, "Don't think anything of it. We're only human."

Why did this woman love me, despite the fact that I treated her wrongly?

She possessed compassion. I discovered 'opening' doors portrayed chapters in a lifetime. 'Sections' are seams of life, unraveled to reveal hidden emotions or actions.

After the incident, I concluded, "Whether we realize it or not, our parents behavior toward us in childhood centers us in a spotlight. They connect us to an outer world. Even though we strive to be somebody in our fleshly bodies, we try to please earthly expectations, acting out regulations society wants us to follow.

An opened door can shape buried thoughts or attitudes we possess. What our spiritual lives could be had we opened another section? How different our lives could have been had we taken another route? Our personal self-satisfaction would be overflowing inside. Cultivated as individual seeds, our compassion towards other people could strive, sprouting to become a beautiful flower."

Remember the rose? Closed doors conceal buried thorns. Pushing through obstacles, but nourished with kindness and love, a determined plant blooms. Hidden petals flourish in displaying magnificent petals.

(© 2012 Katherine Payne Ostrom – All rights reserved. Written material may not be duplicated without permission.)

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