Christian Short Stories

The New Girl
By Melytsah Louis

Melytsah writes: "I am in Grade 6 and attending St. Jude Catholic School in Vankleek Hill, Ontario, Canada."

One day at school, my teacher announced that we would be having a new student. Everybody in our class seemed so excited!

But about fifteen minutes later when my principal came to introduce Sarah, everybody was disappointed. They all focused on what she looked like even though they knew nothing about her!

After starting on such a bad note, weeks passed by and still nobody cared about Sarah.

At recess, she just sat there alone every day. And to make matters worse, some people even pointed their finger at her and laughed!

Then, I kept thinking of something my mom, being a very religious person, always used to say in times when I felt like I didn't know what to do. She told me to ask myself; what would Jesus do?

And I decided that enough is enough! Sarah did nothing wrong to us so why should we be mean and judge her?

Later on that day I told my friends about my plan to become friends with her.

Even after I talked to many of my friends, they still kept on judging her appearance! It was unbelievable! But luckily, my best friend Ana agreed with me and I was so happy!

The next day, we did just that! And you know what? Sarah was a really nice girl!

She told us that it wasn't her fault that she didn't have the best clothes or designer shoes. It's because her grandmother is very sick and they spend almost all their money on medications and treatments for her.

When she was done, Ana and I were in tears! We felt so bad! Then we decided to pray for her grandmother to get better!

Days later, Sarah came to school so happy with a very nice hat! She told us that our prayer worked!

Her grandmother wasn't fully cured but she was getting better and they finally found a medication that did help! We were so happy for her!

Now her parents can spend more on her. We immediately prayed again to thank God and for Him to continue to be with Sarah's family!

In the long run Ana, Sarah, and I became the best of friends and people began to understand why we hung out with her! They now understood that it's the personality that counts.

Imagine if it were they whom people laughed at like that! How would they feel?

My faith in God has helped Ana and me to make a difference in Sarah's life and to persuade some people at my school to change their ways!

(© 2012 Melytsah Louis – All rights reserved. Written material may not be duplicated without permission.)

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