Christian Short Stories

My Faith in God
By Marie-HélPne Parent

Marie-HélPne Parent is fourteen years old and is a Grade 9 student at a French Catholic Regional High School. She is an Ontario French-Canadian and lives in Ontario, Canada. She has a passion for drawing, writing, and listening to the latest popular music. Her faith is sincere and tries her best to apply the principles of God in her daily life.

The alarm clock rang! Marielle opened her eyes, and as it was her habit, she entrusted her day solely to God: “Lord, I give you my whole heart. Keep it for always and put all your love in it so I can share it with others in need. Amen!” Then she dressed and had breakfast with her heart filled with hope, love, and peace.

On the way to school, she met her friend Simon, who barely smiled at her, seemingly quite distracted, and he was also pale looking! Marielle guessed that he had not eaten any breakfast once again! Listening only to her heart, she fumbled around in the bottom of her school sack and pulled out an apple she had reserved for a snack. She offered it to him. Simon willingly accepted with obvious joy!

His spirit renewed, he began talking about the tree-planting project organized by his Mathematics teacher, Mr. Pecari, who is passionate about our ecology.

“Will you come plant some trees with me this Saturday morning?”

“Sorry Simon, I can not! I’m supposed to go shopping with Clara.”

The subject of the conversation suddenly changed though Marielle did not forget about the tree-planting project that also reflected her own deep concern for the preservation of our planet. This magnificent sphere that God created was once so pure but now it's so sick!

When she arrived at school, Marielle cannot hold herself back and explained the school’s environment project to Clara. In a discreet way, she proposed to her that she too ought to do the same. Clara accepted the invitation to accompany her. Both of them sacrificed their personal shopping day, confident that they would truly improve the ecology, and afterwards on Sunday, all the participants would gather to celebrate the event!

The special evening at last came. Marielle and Clara each went their own way to the friendly get-together. Accidentally, they both came across Julie-Ann who had always rejected Marielle - like since forever - and no one understood the reason for it.

Marielle gently smiled at her, but she received an unwelcomed grimace from Julie-Ann in return, who treated her as brainless in front of the others! Still, Marielle looked at Julie-Ann with kindness, but Julie-Ann remained even more distant than before.

“This girl hates you!” said Clara. “She is jealous of you! You ought to settle this between you two!”

“No!” Marielle responded hastily. “That is not what I have learned on how to treat my enemies!”

“What are you talking about?” asked Clara, completely stunned.

“I am a Christian!” said Marielle. "I know that Jesus has promised us a special place in Heaven!”

"Okay! So? What are you getting at?” asked Clara.

“In return, He expects us to really love Him! To love God is to love all mankind! It means to accept others however they are! To love God is to abandon our personal life for Him, as well as all our cares, and that I must pardon the wrong that Julie-Ann is doing to me!” added Marielle.

Clara was astonished by such a frank testimony! Her heart was genuinely touched! All too often, she found it much too difficult to pardon the hurt that others had caused her. Nevertheless, the words and the example that Marielle had given inspired her to the point where she was now sincerely ready to place all her trust in God for the rest of her life!

(© 2012 Marie-HélPne Parent – All rights reserved. Written material may not be duplicated without permission.)

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