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Stephanie writes: "I am married and have 2 grown children and 4 grandchildren. I so enjoy reading about God, and writing poetry. I do enjoy crafts and spending time with my grandchildren. I see God in all things and thank Him for each day."

The Big Red Book On The Table
By Stephanie Barker

When I was a young child I had always wondered what that "Big Red Book" was, that sat on the middle of the coffee table.  My parents went to church every Sunday, they were catholic and were very involved in the church.  I can remember playing the angel that brought the good news about Jesus for midnight mass. 

Then something changed; we moved and didn't go to church anymore.  I was only twelve and at that age you know something is wrong but don't understand, and I don't remember if we asked why things changed.  I just know they did. 

Dad didn't say much about the church after that. Mom was the one whom had enough faith for us all. Mom was always thanking the Lord and asking Him for help.  I still can remember her asking Jesus to please help her find things she had misplaced.

Here I was twelve years old and my brother eleven and we were sitting in the living room and the Big Red Book was staring at us, almost like it was calling us. Of course we were curious about the book, but we didn't know really what it was about. 

Something just came to me and I said, "I think we are suppose to read this book." So I picked the book up and opened the first page and it said Family Bible.  I turned the page and it started out, "In the beginning there was darkness, so God said let there be light, so there was light and God liked what He saw and it was good." 

I don't think we got much further than that, cause we looked down on the page and saw these words which were too big for us to read.  This was my introduction to the bible.

My life took dips and turns and valleys before I came to know the Lord as my Savior, but He was always there even when I was living a sinful life.  He was there protecting me, calling me.

I can remember I was a runaway and placed in detention mopping floors, trying to make a deal with God if He got me out of there.  I was only fourteen at the time, though I got out, it took until I was 27 before I had made Jesus the Lord and my Savior.  He came to me when I was searching, it was a dark and empty inside of me and I was wondering why I was here.

My younger brother Wally, shared Jesus with me and that was the most amazing day of my life. I totally surrendered and confessed my sins and He filled me with a love I could never put into words, because how do you explain perfect love, except by Jesus. 

I look at the cross in a whole different light now.  When I see the cross, I see God as the man, Jesus suffering so much because He loved you and me so much that He wanted us to live with Him for eternity, free from sin and this world.  Jesus overcame death and He is alive and well and sits at the right hand of His Father God.

Here I am 57 now and I can look back and say though I have walked through the valley of death God has always been with me. I am one of nine children and not all of us has met Jesus yet, but by the power of prayer they will, along with my husband, children, and grandchildren. I still have a hunger and thirst for God.  I want to know more of Him and the great work He is doing in me. I will never stop asking questions.  I can only thank God for the Big Red Book - The Family Bible.

(© 2014 Stephanie Barker – All rights reserved. Written material may not be duplicated without permission.)

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