Christian Short Stories

John writes: "Retired Quality Assurance Engineering Supervisor. New at writing. Blessed in late life."

The Father Whispers
By John Miller

The newborn infant lay wrapped in warm, swaddling cloth.  Only hours old, he could not see Joseph and Mary, their eyes fixed upon him in wondrous awe. Silence filled the tiny manger, broken only by the light footsteps of the donkey colt on the straw-covered floor. Then came the Father’s whisper from heaven, a voice uniquely familiar and spoken only to the child. God the Father spoke from his heart into the heart of the Incarnate Infant God.

“My Son, now it all begins,” The Father said. “As I look upon your tiny frame, it is good to reflect on our many talks in ancient time, long before Creation. We pondered long and considered the consequence of granting free will to humanity. Because we are love, we chose that humanity, created in our image, must be free to love or reject us. We knew that our grace must abound on earth or all humanity would be lost by the sin of Adam. Holy Infant, through you, the immense chasm of Adam’s sin between mankind and us will at last be closed.  For, you will grow in wisdom and grace to complete my plan of reconciliation. You are the Seed of woman that I promised to Adam and Eve in the garden,” said the Father. “My God, Son of the Most High, Lamb of God - you are One with me. You are Jesus. “

God smiled as he continued to whisper, “My Holy Spirit has rejoiced greatly over the Holy Incarnation of your virgin birth. And, Gabriel has not stopped singing praise for being chosen to be my angelic messenger of the Messiah’s coming to earth. All of heaven’s angels have been singing a new song since Elizabeth proclaimed that you, in Mary’s womb, are her Blessed Lord. Surely, Mary’s humble “Magnificat” uttered in response to Elizabeth’s proclamation will become the most famous canticle sung and recited throughout the world.”

“I will delight in you in all things,” God added. “You are the Living Word,” and your name shall be lifted above all names. It will be shouted out in praise by kings and noblemen and the lowly of the world.” Then, with a somber tone, God added, “Son, you know that you must suffer rejection, pain and death. You will pray to me at Gethsemane and I will listen. When your redemptive work on the Cross is finished, mankind will hope in you. No power on earth can stop your name from being exalted above all else. For, I will call souls to turn in faith to you, so that they may be saved by grace. Countless human spirits will be regenerated by faith and be called my children. And, when your work is done you shall return to sit at my right side.

The Father whispers to Jesus concluded with comforting words, “Most High Son of God, the faithful of the world will celebrate your redemptive work, resurrection and ascension to me. Beautiful voices of praise and worship music shall be accompanied by musical instruments, the chemical elements for which we created in ancient times. All human creation will be enraptured by great musical works such as “Messiah” by Handel. The walls of great cathedrals and churches large and small will resonate with songs of your praise. The weak and poor in the streets will glorify you with praise and song. There will be no end to human songs of praise of you until the Kingdom of God is brought into fullness, where angels and saints will manifest the glory of our Trinity for eternity.”

(© 2014 John Miller – All rights reserved. Written material may not be duplicated without permission.)

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