Christian Short Stories

Jaritza writes: "I'm a single mom, who loves the LORD.  I'm raising up an anointed child. I work as an RMA in a primary care office."

Raising Up An Anointed Child
By Jaritza Grecke

Raising up an anointed child was something that I never imagined happening to me.  I lived a normal life not knowing that my life in an instant would change.  Victoria would be an anointed child of God, blessed with gifts by the heavenly Father. There's no handbook or instructions on how to raise up an anointed child, but just praying and fasting and leaning on God for wisdom and knowledge.

Everyday living with her has kept me speechless and in awe of how great God is. I have learned that even though we don't see the spiritual realm, it does affect our everyday lives whether we like it or not, like Victoria's encounters in heaven, God's mighty angels, and fighting the demonic realm.

One encounter Victoria had was going out to the playground with her neighborhood friends. No one would play at the playground because it was always infested with bees.  Victoria spoke and said, "I don't want to get stung by bees," and there God's angel spread out his wings and covered the whole perimeter of the playground.  Victoria's friends where amazed to see the bees stay on the other side of the fence, and did not understand why they were just buzzing in one stationary place. Though her friends did not see the spiritual realm, Victoria just smiled at God's angel.  Her friends said they are going to hang out with her more often because the bees would stay away as along as she was there. They had no understanding that God's angel had encamped around her to keep her save from harm.

But that's only one of the encounters she has had, and that was the start of many things to come.  God has given her a glimpse of hell by giving her a description of it, a personal tour around heaven along with an angel that He has assigned to her here on earth. She got to see where God's throne is in heaven. Her experiences and encounters have helped me be much closer to God everyday. 

(© 2014 Jaritza Grecke – All rights reserved. Written material may not be duplicated without permission.)

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