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Melrose writes: "I'm a 'mature' Canadian Christian.  Can't wait to see if my story could actually be possible."

Heavenly Vocation
By Melrose S. Travers

Have you ever thought about what you'd like to do when you get to heaven? Apparently you'll be there for a very, very, very long time so what would keep you happy, sitting on a cloud playing a harp? I don't think so.

First of all, thank the Lord you made it, seriously, thank the Lord.  Then spend some time, all the time you want meeting loved ones and exploring the unimaginable wonders all around you, eternity lies ahead.

But as time goes by I believe that you'll look forward anxiously to having some stimulating, engaging, meaningful work to do.

When God created humans he built into us a need for self fulfillment, a need to achieve, a need for accomplishment, it's only logical then that we should have the same longings and aspirations when we get to heaven.  It seems that we are only truly happy when we're doing something needful, something important, especially when its something we love to do.

The following are my thoughts, or daydreams if you like about the kind of heavenly work we might be given.

There are billions upon billions of barren planets out there in the vastness of space and I don't believe they're just left over matter, the universe is too perfectly balanced to have junk floating around in it.  Everything in it was created for a purpose.

I think they're placed there waiting to be completed, perfected, to be made habitable, therefore I think it's possible that God might give us the opportunity, with His guidance, to prepare them, beautify them, make them unique and ready for Him to  populate, if that is indeed His plan for the future.

Lets consider a person who all their life while on earth has found their greatest joy in studying, cultivating and then deeply appreciating the complexity and beauty of the many varieties of beautiful flowers.  If given the opportunity and the ability I think they might see those barren planets as blank canvases and be thrilled at the prospect of being able to beautify them with their own inspired creations.

Consider the outdoors man and nature lover who would leap at the chance to develop stately forests of his own design, or an animal lover who is able to create magnificent creatures of all shapes and sizes, not just copies of earthly animals but those from their own creativeness and imagination.

For-instance think of an animal you'd like to have as a pet, perhaps a two foot tall Panda bear that loves to sit on your lap and be cuddled, or a tiger that eats nothing but plants and has the disposition of a loving family dog, or you could design your own perfect pet, if you're a cat lover a new breed of cats designed entirely by you, right from scratch, creating all of the instinctive traits dispositions and habits you might think appropriate, even the colour of their fur and the sound of their purr.

Every creature and plant required to sustain and nurture the circle of life on a new world would need to be created, marine life, birds, reptiles, insects and even creepy crawly things, and there will be those in heaven who would find endless fulfillment in doing just that.

I'd like to think that whatever your interests are now whether in the arts, or sciences, music, the cosmos, or song or dance, whatever, those talents are they will be magnified a hundred fold and purposed toward a divine end.  Learning won't be a problem we will have all the time we need to study, or perhaps just absorb the knowledge needed to do these wonderful things.

I fully realize that all this could be done by God just speaking the word, as He did in the beginning, but I think that just as you and I derive pleasure from seeing the joy of accomplishment in our children, so might God as He watches over us.

Wouldn't it be great?

(© 2015 Melrose S. Travers – All rights reserved. Written material may not be duplicated without permission.)

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