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Cathy writes: I am a student, author, and writer. I have written several stories, screenplays, poems, short stories, novels, and other literature. I have been recognized by several people and celebrities for my stories. I work very hard. I have a part-time job and I am going to UAPB to receive my four year degree."

Madison Sunshine
By Cathy Young

It was Saturday morning as Madison Sunshine’s adoptive mother, Faith, finally decided to come out of Madison’s room.  She went to the kitchen carrying coloring sheets, a coloring book, and crayons.  Faith laid everything on the round cherry-wood table that sat in the center of the kitchen.  She sat down, put her head on the table, and started mourning again. Faith was sobbing her heart out.  She had cried so much that her eyes were swollen and blood-shot.

"How could he? That drunk driver took my little “Sunshine” away.”

Faith mumbled continuously with her head steadfast on the table. Her wet tear-filled hair slightly touched Madison’s favorite incomplete jumbo coloring book full of various shades of blue butterflies, and the scattered remains of her broken crayons rolled to the floor.

Faith was trapped in her own world of sorrow, grief, and depression. Her endless mourning caused her husband Matt to stay away most of the time. Faith had cried so much her tears had become small crystal blocks of solid ice she didn’t know even existed. They fell quietly from her eyes to the floor.  As Faith’s head rested on the table an angelic being walked through her front door. He entered the kitchen, took a glass jar from his pocket, twisted the lid off, and leaned forward.  He then supernaturally gathered all of her tears and put the jar back in his pocket. Faith never realized he was there. But suddenly she felt a powerful wind blow upon her. She lifted her feeble head and looked around to see where it was coming from.

“Ah!” Faith screamed with terror. She jumped out of her chair knocking it over. “Who are you and where did you come from? How did you get in my house?” Faith shouted.

She panicked and struggled to her feet trying to keep her balance. Faith went into a temporary state-of-shock as she beheld the twelve-foot angelic being. He stood at the front entrance of her living room wearing a long white royal gown. His face was illuminating and glistening like white crystal.  His features were that of a Caucasian man and his hair was a dull-colored mustard coils of iron. He stood still as if he was waiting for a command.

“Almighty God,” Faith mumbled.

The angelic being spoke windily without opening his mouth. “I’m an angel sent from the Lord God Almighty. I have come to deliver a message to you from the Lord God,” He said.

Madison’s coloring book and individual sheets blew to the floor. “If you’re an angel then why don’t you have wings? What are you doing here? Speak! Speak!” Faith shouted. The angel silently listened. “You’re trespassing!  I don’t know who you are. Get out! Get out, I said!” Faith shouted.

“I’m on assignment. I must deliver this message to you,” the angel said.

“What message? What is your name? Reveal your name.”

“I was commanded not to,” He said.

“I don’t need your message.  I’m still trying to figure out who you are.  How did you get in?  How did you fit? You’re as tall as a tree. What do you want from me?” Faith rambled.

“I didn’t come to harm you or take anything from you,” He said.

“If you’re an angel then where are your wings?” Faith asked.

The twelve-foot figure walked forward.  His glass-like feathered wings could be visibly seen attached to his shoulders as they touched the floor.

“Ah!” Faith screamed. “You do have wings!  Yes.  Wha…what’s the message?” Faith asked reluctantly.

“Faith, you have grieved long enough. God doesn’t want you to grieve over Madison anymore.  She’s okay,” He said.

“What do you mean? Madison’s not okay, she’s dead! She was killed in a car accident by a drunk driver. I’m hurt!  How could I not grieve over my child?” Faith asked angrily.

“Madison’s mission was complete,” He said.

“No it wasn’t! Look!” Faith picked up Madison’s coloring book and tried to show him her incomplete butterflies that she started coloring before her death. “Look at this, all incomplete!  She didn’t even finish her coloring book!” Faith shouted.

“Faith, Madison was only granted seven years here on earth,” He said.

“Noooooo!” Faith cried.

“She completed her mission. Madison’s okay.  She’s not hurting anymore. She’s shining in a different way now so don’t cry anymore,” The angel said. 

“But the year 2012 was too soon. I didn’t get a chance to take her to Chucky Cheese and she was begging to go,” Faith cried.

“Faith, time couldn’t come to a halt.  You procrastinated but that’s okay, she’s pleased with it,” He said.

Faith covered her face and sobbed deeply for a few moments.

“Faith, she would have had less time to personally spend with you and God on earth.  The childhood activity wasn’t in God’s plan for her life.  Actually, God added an extra week to her life. Once again she completed her mission.”

“But I don’t understand.  I adopted her.  Her parents didn’t want her.  I was barren and couldn’t have children.  I did everything for her.  Now, I have nothing to live for.  She was all I had. Why? Why did she have to be the one to go?  I’ve asked God over and over again.  She didn’t do anything to anybody.  She deserved to live, her life was a gift,” Faith explained.

“Faith, it’s alright,” He said.

“Don’t tell me it’s alright!  How can I erase what’s been done? How can I erase the blood from her blond hair…don’t tell me it’s alright,” Faith said.

“Look! My time is almost up,” He said.

“What?” Faith asked.

“You’ve done what God wanted you to do; you took her in, taught her God’s word, and gave her the love she needed. And this day you’ve been granted more life than you ever dreamed you’d have. So live and stop trying to die; your work is not yet complete,” The angel said.

“What? More years of misery and grief?” Faith asked.

“Please try to understand your help cometh from the Lord,” He said.

“Hey, I can’t, I can’t get over what happened,” Faith said. The angel came closer to her and she reached out and tried to touch him.

“No, I’m not allowed to touch you.” The angel backed away quickly. “May God’s peace be with you, my time is up.” He swiftly rushed toward the front door and dropped his jar of tears he had collected from her.

“WAIT! Come back! You dropped something…please! Come back…wait! Wait!” Faith shouted and cried. She crawled on the floor toward him and reached out a hand to him. He picked up his jar of tears and vanished through the front door without looking back. He vanished right before her eyes. Faith never grieved again. Faith experienced the power of God that day.

(© 2015 Cathy Young – All rights reserved. Written material may not be duplicated without permission.)

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