Christian Short Stories

Erlinda writes: "I'm 72 year-old retired nurse, born again for 34 years, married 45 years.  I have 2 children and 2 granddaughters."

Everything Works For Good
Erlinda Nunn

It was Dec. 12, 2014. We're at the Delaware Family Court waiting for the judge's decision; my son, Gary, vs. Ron and Becky, the foster parents of my granddaughter, Grace.  I'm praying 'Lord, if it's your will, let Gary get custody. It will be such a wonderful Christmas gift."

This 9 month-old baby had been taken by the state from Gary's sister, Diana who is autistic. The judge said, "After much consideration, I've decided to grant custody to the foster parents. This baby has many medical issues. It will be a hardship on Gary since he is a single man and his parents are old."

It seemed like my world collapsed, the baby had been taken since three days old and now we'd never see her again, but I always trust my Savior in everything.  I know everything will be alright.
The foster parents were to adopt Grace, but it's open. That means we're still involved in her 

life. We see her every time Ron and Becky bring her to Dover to meet us in restaurants. Grace has NGT, PEG and button feeding. She has problems eating. She had OT, PT and Speech therapy. She is a very happy baby. We get updates by email. Gary in Texas does Skype with them. Their own children love Grace. We all know God's plan is for our best. When Becky had to take a leave to bring her to Baltimore, I know it would have been Gary who has to quit his job. Grace has gone on Disney World cruises and different places. Now we just get updated by Ron and Becky that all therapies are discontinued and Grace is starting to eat. 

When a storm in our life comes, just remember, the Lord is with us, we're never alone.

Everything works for good to those who love him and are called to his purpose. Keep trusting God.

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