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The Ultimate Defence
By Cherry Burke Ojha


"We are hard pressed on every side, yet not dispirited; we are perplexed but not in despair; persecuted but not forsaken; cast down, but not destroyed" -2 Cor 4:8-9

‘The Ultimate Defence’ brings together the situation described in 2 Cor 4:8-9 and the Shield of Faith metaphor in Ephesians 6:16. Life has often been compared to a battle field. Moreover, each of the strategic operations of the enemy are carried out both externally as well as internally. The reason is that since we are covered by the blood of Jesus, external circumstances alone cannot destroy us.  It is very often our emotional response to external circumstances that determines our destruction or victory. 

In such a battle field, Paul sets the scene for us: It is a spiritual battle, and our spiritual lives and future in God's Kingdom are on the line. The bible tells us that the thief comes to steal, kill and destroy. Thus we see that to kill is not the worst thing that he aims to do.  He plans total destruction of spirit, mind and body. If we lose this war, we lose everything.

The believer is like a city under siege, and the onslaughts are like killer waves. However, by themselves, they are merely a powerless deception which is why the enemy works from within. When a believer accepts from the enemy his viewpoint, emotions and words, he virtually lets the enemy in.

What is noteworthy is that the attacks mounted on the believer are exceedingly systematic. The enemy first induces distress, then despair, next the feeling of being forsaken and finally the erroneous belief that one has been destroyed. These negative emotions are the four viruses the enemy uses to take over the city and fulfil his purpose which is to wipe out the Children of God. 

The good news is that there is The Ultimate Defence which the believer has been equipped with that can repel every mode of attack, be it spiritual, psychological or physical. In fact, the Shield of Faith is a divine and unbeatable defence. Even though without it we are helpless, yet with the armour of God, we are "more than conquerors through Him who loved us" - Romans 8:37. 

Therefore take up the whole armour of God, that you may be able to withstand in the evil day, and having done all, to stand… above all, taking the shield of faith with which you will be able to quench all the fiery darts of the wicked one - Ephesians 6:10-20…
So we see that the hero, Eau Nai (You and I) must exercise his free will and choose to use this supernatural power to overcome every challenge that aims to come between the believer and the wonderful destiny planned for his children by God Himself. 

The Ultimate Defence

Dusk had fallen in Seivdnfree, and the day would have ended like any other but for the fact that the citizens of this fiercely independent City State suddenly found themselves besieged by enemy forces. Eau Nai, Head of Information and Action Man stands before the President who is pacing about in his official chambers. 

In his private life Eau Nai is a translator, working with languages and scripts. He is also a family man with a wife and two children, a boy and a girl. He would love to retreat to a quiet life surrounded by his loved ones and his books, but he knows that in order to protect the lifestyle he loves, he must volunteer to assist his government.  

The President consults with Eau Nai saying, “Eau Nai, do you think that this threat, this attack is easier said than done? After all, our city is enclosed by high walls and we have spent billions on our security systems. Surely, this is the time for them to work!”  
Eau Nai bows respectfully. “Your Honour. It is true that our City State was built to withstand ground entry, but modes of warfare have changed tremendously. Think of how helpless even a trained soldier feels in the face of bomb attacks because his training in sword fencing or even rifle shooting is of no use to him in such an event.” 

The leader of the enemy, General Waw Espert, appears on the large television screen in the President’s chambers; he also appears simultaneously on every screen in Seivdnfree. He wears a hat and coat, but he is faceless. Then his voice is heard. “I am General Waw Espert from the Kingdom of Dorknis.  At this very moment, we are taking over your news channels and your entire population is watching and listening to what I have to say. You are under siege and our troops have been stationed in a position to strike. You are advised to run up the white flag and surrender to avoid needless loss of life. We shall allow you half an hour and should you fail to surrender, we shall attack. 

At the end of this statement, he disappears from the screen. In his place a clock appears marking the thirty minute countdown. 

The President is concerned about these developments, and says,” Yes, Eau Nai this General Waw Espert has taken over our news channels with a single swipe of the purple button. Well, what do you propose? The enemy is using threats to intimidate the population, and I am prevented from speaking even a single word of encouragement to them because our media networks have been taken over. He says they are in position. Where are they; how can we know?”

Eau Nai replies calmly, “Well, Your honour, d’you see this miniature tracking device on my shoulder?  It tells me that their troops have been positioned north of our city.” 

“Hmm… attacking from the north. What else do your sensors say? How soon can we expect the attack to come? And…and what kind of attack will it be?” the President queries. 

“My listening devices tell me that the enemy has a code name for the First Wave of Attack,” answers the President’s Action Man. 

“First Wave?” barks the President. ”What do you mean by calling it the First Wave? Are you saying that there will be more than one?

Eau Nai replies, “They have planned four, the first of which has been code-named, ‘Trouble’. 
The President considers this piece of information. “Trouble? Hmmm. Very apt. So, what are they going to do? Drop a bomb on us?” He smiles. 

“They could do that, but they know as well as we do that it won’t work because it is child’s play for our ground to air anti-missile system and tracking devices to intercept and deal with their missiles mid-air before they ever reach the ground.. No, their plan is far more sinister than that. Today, Electronic warfare involves the use of the electromagnetic spectrum or directed energy. So, they are geared up for the Cyber Battlefield.” 

The President is shocked and startled. “D’you mean to say that they know our passwords? They must have planted a mole in our very midst!” 

“You are right, your honour, probably, more than one and they are using deadly virus to immobilise our Protective Word Keys to unlock our strongest and most secure portals for entry.” Eau Nai tells him.  

The President speaks sternly. “They know of our vulnerability? In that case, there‘s no more time to lose. Within the remaining twenty five minutes you must locate the mole. Make whoever it is talk! Find a solution, Eau Nai, or we perish. Life or Death are our only options, and we all know that the enemy wishes to snatch us out of everlasting life into everlasting death.”

Eau Nai flies over the city in his Dragonfly Power Drone, using a hi-tech megaphone to tell its citizens that Seivdnfree will not surrender under any circumstances, and that the populace should fight this attack with their secret weapon code named ‘The Ultimate Defence’. 

His drone doubles up as a spy plane and can collect enemy intelligence.  His arsenal is filled with countless non-lethal gadgets. For example, he has an Attacking Operator to scout out tracks, enemy positions and objective locations. It detects for him the mole who has been in contact with General Waw Espert. Eau Nai arrests the mole, a pale-faced brunette, and brings her before the President. 

The President questions her. “What is your name?”

The Mole answers sulkily, “Distress.”

“Well, that explains a lot. You are certainly not a citizen of Seivdnfree, and you have outstayed your welcome here. Our good friend, Eau Nai will drop you back home outside our city walls.” 
At this the Mole screams, “I have been trained to do or die!” She chews on the pellet already in her mouth and falls, changing into an enlarged and wriggling hydra headed creature as she dies.

The President sighs, “A very different solution to ours. And she could have been so beautiful…What a pity.”

Eau Nai remarks, “Sadly, these are the individuals misguided and lost because of the enemy. If only they knew how good it is to Choose Life. By the way, Your Honour, our network is functioning again. The death of the Mole, ‘Distress’ has something to do with that. You can now speak to the people.” 

The President speaks to the people, “Citizens of Savdnfree, the attack by the Kingdom of Dorknis which was code named, ‘Trouble’ has been successfully repulsed. We have unitedly used our Ultimate Defence to overcome it and have together achieved this victory. Also, the mole who was named for the enemy virus, ‘Distress’ is no more. Thank you for your courage in the face of adversity. We remain free, but let us not become complacent. Eau Nai will now explain to you what we must do.” 

Eau Nai appears on their screens, “Fellow citizens of Savdnfree, my listening device using its directional horns to detect and locate the enemy’s sound tracks, has warned us that we shall be hit by yet another three killer waves planned and set in motion by the enemy. You have seen that we have an invisible foe. 

We shall have to fast and pray so that not one of us is weakened because we know that we are only as strong as our weakest link. We also understand why they named their mole, ‘Distress’. She was named for the virus that was supposed to lock our defences and then open the portals to let the enemy in. Yes, the attack from the north has been repulsed, but we can now expect the next, probably from the south. Be aware. Be alert. Be strong. You are now restored to your usual channels.” 

After their words of encouragement to the citizens, the President has some pointed questions for Eau Nai. “Eau Nai, tell me something. How is it that the enemy moles in our city have gone undetected until now? Where was this one was hiding?” 

“Your honour, her hide-out was an old disused stronghold which ought to have been pulled down long ago. I’m convinced she was hiding there even before we put in the safety systems,” he replies. 

“In that case, I shall have to speak to the Home Minister to have all strongholds located and pulled down immediately and to send a message to the remaining moles of the enemy to reveal themselves and ask for pardon.” 

Emboldened by the imminent Second Wave of Attack, code named Perplexity, the moles do not respond to the call. Instead, the one named ‘Despair’ decides to make a run for it. As the young and lithe figure of a dark haired woman sprints to open the portals that will let the enemy in, she is intercepted by Eau Nai. 

Suddenly Despair doesn’t look so very nice anymore. Her facial expression, her body language, and her mindset, transit from nice to fight. She is transformed into a lethal warrior both within as well as without as she shouts, “It’s all over with you and your city! You really don’t know what to do, do you? So, why don’t you just give up and surrender?

Eau Nai realizes that even though she still appears at that moment to be a woman, it is no use holding back and taking it easy with her.  He has to keep his guard up if he wants to stay on his feet to withstand the combination of speed and treacherous attack coming at him. 
Suddenly, she morphs into her true and evil form, a fire breathing dragon, but she still uses her human intelligence and voice as an emotional weapon.

Now Eau Nai decides to deal with the onslaught firmly, facing her with an expression of undying power and confidence “I’m a citizen of Seivednfree, and I know better than to listen to you. Now, even though I’ve always distanced myself from fights before, I see now that I must make a stand. I shall fight you both in the spirit with my words and on the ground with my lance.”  I‘m also equipped, as all our people are, with a supernatural shield and armor that will help me against your flames. 

Despair continues to raise her voice, “I know that you simply can’t withstand my flames for long and not only will you die, but your city also will be burnt to a cinder!” she shouts. 
Eau Nai counters this saying, “I don’t know exactly who you are, but you are certainly evil, and though I cannot shut my ears to block out your words, I can go against everything you say and nullify any evil effect because I have in my mind and heart the WORD that cuts through their darkness like a knife cuts through butter. Yes. I can change the darkness you unleash to light with praise, edification and joy.

Suddenly, Eau Nai gurgles like a baby laughing. Amazingly, that innocent laughter does it. Like salt on a leech, the dragon shrivels and shrinks. She screams, “I don’t know what to do! I did it all for Operation Perplexity, but you refused to say the words I was to teach you. You were perplexed, but not in despair. Then, she spreads her now feeble wings, flaps them desperately three times and just manages to fly out over the city walls, never to return.  

As Eau Nai sighs with relief, a crowd gathers round to rejoice with him and a cloud bursts overhead spilling raindrops onto the earth, completely quenching the conflagration started by the evil creature who bore the name of the second enemy virus. 

The President observes, “Yes, “I don’t know what to do!”’ are indeed killer words, but they were completely undone by the brave Eau Nai.” 

“Now we must get ready for the Third Wave of attack, ‘Persecution’ which will probably come from the East,” warns Eau Nai. 

“Well, the strongholds have been found and removed, and the woods have been combed, but where are the last two moles? Why have they not been found as yet?” says the President.
Eau Nai tell him, “They are now very likely hiding in the open, in full view, which makes it very difficult to single them out.” 

The President asks, ”What do you mean? Where can they hide? The loyal citizens will hand them over!” 

Esu Nai explains, “They could be in a car. That way they have no home address, and no neighbours to observe their movements.”

The President swipes the green button on his phone. “Home Minister, you must instruct the police force to stop all cars and search them. We must find the missing moles without delay.” 
Eau Nai says,”My sensors have picked up the trail of the enemy. The next attack is indeed from the east. They are calling it, ‘“Persecution” 

Even as he speaks, there is a loud buzzing as thousands of enemy drones appear in the sky. Operation Persecution has begun.  The third mole, bearing the name of the third enemy virus, ‘Forsaken’ now comes out of hiding into the city square, grows into his true form, and appears as a hideous winged monster who challenges the citizens of Seivdnfree to single combat in the air. 

Eau Nai in his Power Drone rises high into the air to meet the challenge.  Immediately, he is surrounded by thousands of grasshopper like enemy drones and attacked by the winged monster who claws at him. In fact, the wind caused by the movement of the monster’s wings is so strong that the people below are forced to run for cover. 

Forsaken screams, “See how you are left alone! Say it! Admit it! You are forsaken!  Yes! Completely alone and forsaken!”

Eau Nai responds, “That’s what you would have me say, but the truth is just the opposite. My God says that I am only to be of good courage as he will never leave me nor forsake me.” 

The dragon is so infuriated at this that he rushes at Eau Nai hoping to knock his Power Drone down with the sheer weight of his body. During the ensuing aerial combat, he attempts to shred Eau Nai to pieces making several passes at him with his knife-like claws. 

Exhausted and bleeding, Eau Nai finally retaliates. Mustering all his remaining strength and using his lance like a spear he throws it into the dragon's underbelly. Caught by surprise, the creature, groans, flaps its wings and falls to the ground landing just outside the city walls where the vultures collect to feed on the carcass for days. The enemy drones flee the scene. 
Eau Nai faints and his Power Drone sinks slowly to the ground. There is a hush over the whole city because their wounded hero is now being tended but is fighting for his life.  It is during this hush that the uncaring enemy decides to exploit the situation and push on with its Fourth Wave Attack from the west which has been code named ‘Cast Down.’ 

Meanwhile, the Seivdnfree police have pulled the fourth and last mole out of his car and he now stands defiantly before the President who questions him, “Tell us your name,”  

The Fourth Mole forced to answer says, “Destroyed.”

“I see that you have been really brainwashed if you believe that,” the President tells him.
The Fourth Mole remains unrepentant. “Your hero has been struck down and now he will be destroyed and the entire city with him. By the way, where is he? Is he still licking his wounds?” he taunts.

Just then Eau Nai enters. “If learning to know my own heart and discovering my God given courage is termed ‘licking my wounds’ then that is what I have been doing. You must know that we the citizens of Savdnfree will never give up the fight, but we will finish strong. Therefore, since neither of us is going to back down, let us go ahead with the final confrontation.” 

As they walk out into the open, the Fourth Mole, who bears the name of the fourth and last virus in the arsenal of the enemy, is transformed into a strange and ugly reptile with a long neck, huge in size, and with tremendous speed of movement. 

This final meeting between Eau Nai and the fourth minion of Satan is more intense than any of the other battles.  It is not only a physical battle, but an emotional one as well. Indeed, the fight is more about emotional strength than it is about physical endurance. 

Eau Nai speaks to his opponent saying, “The citizens of Savdnfree are expected to withstand incredible pressures and not be defeated. We are equipped to stand up against everything you can possibly to throw at us and we still expect to emerge victorious because we have an invisible, but divine and unbeatable defence.” 

Destroyed mocks at this. “Yes! Yes! You call it the Armour of God. Well, you may say what you like, but don’t forget that a hush fell over Savdnfree when you were exhausted in the fight against Forsaken. That gloom was so palpable; you could have cut it with a knife! Yes! We are aware of your vulnerability, your Achilles heel. We know that you are subject to toxic emotions and when such as these arise in you, the effectiveness of the armour you boast of is blocked!  You might with great bravado lay down your life for your fellow citizens, but while they grieve, we win! Already their anxiety for your welfare is weakening you!

As the enemy speaks, Eau Nai feels his legs begin to buckle. He senses that the collective anxiety of the people is sapping his strength and rendering him vulnerable to the attack of the enemy. The moment has come for him to use The Ultimate Defence. 

Eau Nai musters his remaining strength and tries to sound bold. “Since you know so much, you should also know that our Ultimate Defence is our Shield of Faith,” he declares. Even though his voice is growing increasingly faint, he continues speaking from his faith filled memory and heart. “Now, Faith is, by its very definition, not just emotion, but it is the irrefutable truth. It is real. It is a tangible substance. It is the substance of things hoped for.”
As he speaks, his protective Shield of Faith miraculously materialises, covering his vulnerable body. The shield is impressive in size, and because of its slight curve, it is able to deflect vicious blows. The creature is distracted by the sudden appearance of the Shield of Faith. Taking advantage of this, Eau Nai musters all his remaining strength and drives his lance into its body slaying the evil creature. 

The people rejoice and the enemy forces retreat for a season, leaving them in peace. With his task complete, Eau Nai can return with this new wealth of experience to regular life.

(© 2016 Cherry Burke Ojha – All rights reserved. Written material may not be duplicated without permission.)

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