Christian Short Stories

Crazy Betty
By Sharon Niese

Sharon writes: I am a housewife/writer. I love to lift up the name of Jesus in what I write. I have 2 children and 5 grandchildren. A wonderful husband of 43 years, I am so blessed.

It was another busy day for Kim; she sometimes felt overwhelmed and then she would wonder why she ever had taken this job. Cooking supper for 50 residents at the nursing home was indeed a challenge. One of the aids stuck her head and whispered, “Crazy Betty is coming this way, just wanted to give you heads up.”

Finally, Kim was going to meet THIS newest resident. All the aids called her “Crazy Betty.” They said she was a piece of work, crazy as a bed bug. Of course, Kim's imagination was getting the best of her, She was curious about why everyone was uncomfortable around this woman.

Kim turned around to the grill and there in front of her stood a woman who could not be over 5’5” tall. Her eyes were wild as she looked all around the kitchen. Kim swallowed hard as she said, “Hello, my name is Kim, and you are?"

Betty looked directly at her and then, without any warning, she started throwing plates on the floor. Kim backed up, trying to think what she should do about this. One thing she knew for sure, she knew she did not want to irritate Betty.

Quickly two aids came for Crazy Betty. They had to drag her out of the dining area. Kim was still shaking from the experience. Wow! It was now dangerous to cook at the nursing home.

The next week went by without Kim thinking of Crazy Betty. She was just too busy with cooking and cleaning up. A few days later, she once more saw Crazy Betty. At the time, Kim was busy and did not notice that she had company in the kitchen. She turned and ran smack into Crazy Betty.

“Oh no,” she whispered. Crazy Betty grabbed both of Kim's upper arms as if to steady her. Betty then smiled a toothless smile.

“You all right?” Betty squeaked. Kim just stared at her, unable to answer her question. Here was Crazy Betty holding on to her arms and smiling. Just what was going on? Once again, Crazy Betty smiled and asked if Kim was all right.

Nodding, Kim managed to back away. She stood there looking at the woman who had caused so much trouble in the nursing home, noticing that there was something different about her. Her eyes were no longer wild and her manner was calm. She was not the same woman who had knocked all the plates off the counter. When a nurse’s aid came to get Betty, Kim asked her to come back. When the aid returned, the first thing out of Kim’s mouth was, “What has happened to change this woman so much?”

The aid smiled happily as she reported, “That new Doctor took away some of her medicine and she is just so much better. No one even calls her Crazy Betty anymore. She is always helping someone out. She is a sweetheart."

Kim stood; shocked by her realization that all this time she had been judging this woman when it was not the woman's fault at all. The medication had caused her to be wild. Kim learned an important lesson: many times situations are not as they seem. Do not be too quick to judge another.

Over the next couple of months, Kim and Betty became friends. Betty was a wonderful person who shared her love openly with others, having a toothless smile for all. The Lord used Betty to show Kim not to be judgmental and to remember that God loves Betty just as He loves her.

(© 2010 Sharon Niese – All rights reserved. Written material may not be duplicated without permission.)

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