Christian Short Stories
By Greg Miller

Novice Artist Paints Crucifixion Masterpiece
By Greg Miller

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After two decades of marriage, Rikki and her husband, Ricky, still loved each other as much as they did on their wedding day.

They loved each other so much they weren’t content with an annual anniversary celebration. About a month after they returned from their honeymoon, Ricky suggested, “Why don’t we celebrate our anniversary monthly?”

Rikki was so thrilled with Ricky’s idea, she gushed, “Sure, honey, but why stop at once a month, when we can celebrate every week?”

“Wow, lovely lady, that’s even better than my idea of a monthly celebration!”

“Then it’s settled,” Rikki grinned. “When do we start all this celebrating?”

“The sooner the better,” Ricky said. “A week from today, we will be married for one month. Why don’t we make that our first monthly celebration?”

“That, of course, is a great idea!” Rikki exclaimed. “If you want, we can go to the restaurant where we went on our first date and kissed for the first time.”

As an over-the-road truck driver, Ricky traveled through several states each week. Ricky was amazed at God’s amazing handiwork, and he felt a sudden urge to use a long-repressed artistic ability for God’s glory. He began using some of his non-driving time to paint numerous vivid memories. He planned to begin offering his paintings for sale about a year after he began using his artistic talent, with 100 percent of the proceeds going to missions.

Ricky painted forests, wild animals, experienced and novice fishermen looking for “the big one” in rivers and streams, highway workers on their seemingly endless road repairs, and trains speeding through a variety of landscapes.

One day, Ricky heard the Lord whisper, “I want you to create a painting of the crucified Christ.”

“I’ll do my very best!” Ricky promised.

“That’s all I ask,” God replied.

Ricky thought and prayed about the project for several weeks before beginning the Crucifixion Painting. “I want to portray Jesus on the Cross accurately,” he told Rikki.

Rikki was the first person to whom Ricky unveiled his painting. “It’s a masterpiece!” Rikki bragged to her husband.

In the center of the canvas was the painting of the crucified Christ, depicting scratches, cuts, bruises, a blood-drenched body, and a blood-soaked cross.

In the corners were very small paintings: The babe in the manger, Jesus’ raising Lazarus from death, Jesus being raised from the tomb and Jesus ascending to heaven.

“I like the small paintings in the corners more than the main painting in the center,” Rikki said.

“Thank you, honey,” Ricky said. “I told the Lord I would do my very best, and showing His birth, life, death and resurrection – that was my very best!”

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