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Charles writes: "I am a retired Engineer. I live in Florida. I enjoy spending time with my significant other, our kids and grandkids. I am the writer of poetry, a children's book and mystery series fiction."

Life. Where the Days Begin and End
By Charles Bowen


Yep, it’s all true. Something ain’t right. I passed away in a Florida hospital Emergency Room. Prior to that, it was a pleasant scene. No one was in a hurry. Miriam was completing paperwork for insurance and admissions. I was happy. I was seeing Jesus seated at my right side and a small boy sitting at my left side. We were talking. It was great. Later I was told I was hallucinating, but it sure did seem real to me at the time.

I just went blank. I had no concept of anything. You know how people who go through such an episode will tell you they saw a white light ahead of them. Some say they would try to move to the white light. Some also say they met God, Jesus or a departed loved one who tells them that God is not ready for them yet and they have to return to Earth until He is ready.

Well, my friend, let me tell you something as to my own real experience. Nothing like that happened to me. Instead of a white light all I could see ahead, beside, over, under and behind me was pitch black. There were no shapes, no colors and certainly no one was waiting to greet me.

Later I was told I had passed for a brief time. The Doctors incubated me and sent me to ICU. I was put into an induced come where I remained for six weeks.

There were several Doctors of various specialties caring for me. From my understanding now there were five who wanted the plug pulled on me. I am told a preliminary Do Not Resuscitate (DNR) was prepared by one of the Doctor’s staff members.

When my Mother and Wife found out about this I am told by several sources they went totally ballistic. I had two Doctors, Dr. Ailani, a Pulmonologist and a Cardiologist, Dr. Rao, who would not sign off on pulling the plug on me.

Miriam said she would hear Dr. Ailani every morning say “Just give me one more day”. He kept saying that day after day until after six weeks I was taken out of the coma and as they say “The rest is history”.

Thank you God, thank you Mother, thank you Miriam, thank you Dr. Ailani and thank you Dr. Rao.

I was not well enough to return home until a few days shy of being incapacitated for an entire year. I was not able to walk or sit for very long, I couldn’t operate a cell phone or perform all the activities of a normal person.

I bounced around between different hospitals and nursing homes. I tried to come home too early and would up being a fat ornament sprawled out in the parking lot where we live. (Not a pretty sight, believe me)

I got to come home in April 2010. A few months later, I actually wrote a poem about the start of that experience:

A White Light
By Charles Bowen

Last year, when they said I passed,
I didn’t see a white light, I saw black.
God saw it too so he sent me back.

More life for me he would allow me to live.
But I had to promise my life to Him I would give.

I wasn’t right.
I wasn’t ready.
My works for God hadn’t always been steady.

I’m glad God gave me another chance to see a white light.
I feel if I don’t get it right this time it will be a final goodnight.

Now I live my life for Him.
He’s my Creator.
I honor Him daily.
I Love Him.
I pray to Him to be the best.
Now I know I’ll pass God’s test.

God tests us you know.
I know he does ‘caus
I was one of those people who almost never was.

The never was’s are lost and hard to find.
Earthly pleasures are all they have on their mind.

Again, I say I’m sure glad God sent me back.
He let me have a “do-over”.
He let me live so I could get on the right track.

(© 2011 Charles Bowen – All rights reserved. Written material may not be duplicated without permission.)

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