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Satisfied with Jesus Christ
By John Miller

The gospel meant salvation, and salvation meant, in the end, total satisfaction in Christ.

Other religions are spelled, “Do,” but Christianity is spelled, “Done”. If you would be saved, you must place your trust in the finished and perfect work of Christ on the cross.

The Cross of Christ; some love it, some hate it, some ignore it but none can deny it!

In Him all sin was punished and God’s holiness was vindicated. God is satisfied with Christ as to the perfection of His life and righteousness, and as to the completeness of His work in the sinner’s behalf. God’s only requirement for salvation is that you, too, be satisfied with Christ and His work. This means being truly repentant of your sins, believing in Christ as your Savior, not looking to work your way to heaven and not chasing worldly pleasures. For the satisfied Christian, there is Christ; Him loving us and we loving Him—nothing else.

There is a perfectly logical reason for Christians loving Christ...our carnal spirit has been renewed in Christ and is counseled by the Holy Spirit who always points us to Christ! Our acceptance of Jesus Christ has brought us the gift of salvation and the gift of the Holy Spirit. God’s grace has brought about the regeneration of our spirit. This is His purposeful work in us, that we might embrace the reality of redemption by the blood of His Son, Jesus Christ. He has given us a renewed spirit.

It is our renewed spirit that embraces God’s holy word and cherishes His promises. Only a renewed spirit can truly grasp the profound truth of God’s love of His Creation poured out in His incomprehensible grace. Our renewed spirit has no appetite for sin that separates us from God. Rather, we find ourselves preoccupied with growing in relationship with Christ. That’s why we are easily convicted away from sin by the Holy Spirit…when we listen to Him. We find God’s word nourishing, and a rewarding place to dwell because it’s all about Jesus Christ. Scripture comes alive in us. Our renewed spirit leads our minds to dig deep into Scripture; to treasure and share what God is teaching us. And, as we dwell in Scripture, we find the power and purpose of God’s holy word to change us as He wills in verses like Isaiah 55:11. God has a plan; it is entirely reasonable to find Jesus Christ irresistible.

Our songs and praise are the result of Christ’s presence in our lives. Our renewed spirit yearns to be in such communion with our Lord. We probably best realize it when we are singing in unison with Christians in church or our small groups…that warm feeling that captivates us for those moments when our minds are distracted from our busy lives. That’s Kairos time...a special time with God. It’s Christ preparing us for greater things. After all, it is our renewed spirit that will be called home someday. Meanwhile, we lavish in the wonders of Christ our King. Psalm 23 “The Lord is My Shepherd” says it all. Nothing - absolutely nothing else will satisfy us.

Have you ever seen a cow stick her head through a barbed wire fence to chew the stubby grass bordering a highway, when behind her lay a whole pasture of rich, nourishing grass? Christians, who have not learned to completely trust Christ, reach out to the world for sensual pleasure when rivers of pleasure are at their disposal in Christ. No one is denying that there are pleasures to be had in this world. That is not the point. The point is that there are other pleasures to be had in this life. And it is our renewed spirit that seeks the source of everlasting joy; pleasures so great in depth, significance, satisfaction and duration, that they far exceed the pleasures of sin. They are the pleasures to be found in the knowledge and service of Christ.

Everyone wants to be happy. Unbelievers seek it in pleasure, fame and wealth, but they seek in vain. Christians have found the answer to happiness in Christ. And what are these pleasures that Christians cherish? They are everywhere:

The devil never made a rain drop or a snow flake. He never made a baby smile or a nightingale sing. He never placed a golden sun in a western sky or filled the night with stars. And, he never gave you a moment’s true peace. Why? Because, these things of happiness are not his to give. God is the Creator and the possessor of them all and he lovingly shares these things with us. His grace abounds for His glory.

God has been exceedingly gracious and we sinners are most unworthy of His matchless grace and patience. And, the Lord is more precious to us the older we get. We should have an invincible faith that all things serve God’s wise purpose to reveal his glory. Not the pleasures that lie strewn everywhere in life, but the divine, saving and eternal pleasures of Christ himself are our supreme delight. Every believer has in Christ all the fullness that the world longs for...a confident peace of mind in their certainty of eternity with Jesus. Christianity, therefore, far from being dull and dreary or a harsh system of rules and regulations, is a gloriously free, real, victorious and happy life. We find this true in the wholesome and faithful sharing of lifted hearts and spirits; where lovers of Christ fellowship in places like Christian internet sites. Who says God doesn’t have a purpose for his word! Taste and see the wonder of Christ!

God’s grace is infinite and incomprehensible to our busy minds. It is fathomless as the sea. In glory, throughout the ages to come, we who are saved will behold an endless display of these riches which we now have in Christ Jesus. If not, you may. Simply place your faith in Christ and start reveling in the immeasurable riches of God’s grace. God is sufficient, abundantly able to supply our every need.

“My grace is sufficient, for my power is made perfect in weakness…” 2 Cor 12:9

(© 2010 John Miller – All rights reserved. Written material may not be duplicated without permission.)

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