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Michael Cochran writes: "I've written for over 30 years as I believe I'm given an inspiring word to share. Presently I'm working on my Masters in Biblical Studies and have been accepted into the Theology Doctoral Program. My desire is to share my writings in hopes of encouraging others in the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ. My desire when I finish my graduate work is to write Bible Curriculum. I Pray these stories/articles have blessed you and they may touch the lives of those you know." www.mikecochran.org

Healing Prayer
By Michael Cochran

Agree with me as you read this prayer for healing!

Heavenly Father, in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ, I pray for every person who is reading this. Right now, by the authority of Jesus’ name and by the authority of God’s Word, I release the healing virtue of God to heal my friend’s physical body. I come come against every kind of sickness and disease, every ache and pain, every infirmity or illness that afflicts this person. I rebuke sickness and bind it in the name of Jesus. Every disease in this body is now destroyed by the stripes Jesus bore for our healing.

Lord, I pray for emotional healing. For those who are overcome by fear or worry or depression, I rebuke every doubt and anxiety in the name of the Son of God. For those who are searching for self-significance, let them find it in Jesus Christ, the Prince of Glory. I ask the Holy Spirit, who is the source of peace, to invade their hearts and minds. Pull up every root of bitterness, erase from their minds every horrible experience they’ve ever had. Release them from every terror. Those things that torment them at night, that they cannot get rid of, that they cannot shake, in Jesus’ name, leave their body right now. Let every person who prays this prayer with me feel the healing virtue of the Lord Jesus Christ in their heart, soul, body and emotions, in Jesus’ name. Amen.

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