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Dr. Michael (as his friends call him) writes articles that deal with spiritual living in Christ which is part of God’s calling him to the ministry of a Teacher. However, Dr. Michael’s teaching is not merely academic exercise with theological theory that limits learning to a classroom and books, but rather Dr. Michael teaches a useful, practical understanding of God’s Word and of His Will that is not only refreshing but actually helpful in real life situations where a person fails or succeeds as a child of God in this world!

Surrendered To Him
By Dr. Michael Cochran

Isaiah 32:17 (AMP) And the effect of righteousness will be peace [internal and external], and the result of righteousness will be quietness and confident trust forever.”

We are made right with God by our faith which results in peace with him. This is a contentment that comes from a heart surrendered to Him and a life walking in step with His will. The impossible challenges that press on you cannot stand a chance against the limitless power of the Prince of Peace. When you walk in submission to God, you are allowing His peace to rule over your heart. His peace is available to call things into rest. Yield to it and allow yourself to be ruled by God, not the obstacle in front of you.

Righteousness is simply right standing with God, and it only comes through faith in Jesus Christ. (2 Cor. 5:21)

Rejoice in the knowledge that you are the righteousness of God in Christ. The more that you become aware of this phenomenon, the more that you will see that righteousness come out of you in every area of your life. We do not live more like Jesus by “trying harder”; but rather by knowing who He is in us and letting Him do the work.

However, we have to understand righteousness in order for it to make a difference in our lives. Many people are righteous, but they do not know what that means. I can enter boldly into the throne room anytime I have a desire to visit with my Heavenly Father, because of that righteousness. I do not have to fear circumstances and situations around me, because of my fellowship with Abba Father. The effect of righteousness, knowing who I am in Christ, gives me internal and external peace.

And then, more good news! Because of this righteousness, this right-standing with my Father, I will live a quiet, peaceable life. I can rest in that relationship. That internal peace, that quietness, will mount guard over my mind and heart (Phil. 4:7).

Paul tells us where and how To find this peace. We need to know the Lord Jesus Christ and have a personal relationship with him. Says Paul, "In everything, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God. And the peace of God, which transcends all understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus." Commit to living for the Lord each day and ask for the Spirit's guidance. When you do, you have the guarantee that the peace of God will flood your heart and mind. Don't go another day without it.

So, when you are facing your fearful situation take and accept His precious gift of peace! He tells you in Phil. 4:7 that it is yours for the taking…which means we can turn it down and give in to fear and worry instead, bringing upon ourselves all manner of strife. However, there is a much better way. Let Him fight the battle for you while He saturates your heart with His supernatural peace.

And lastly, because of this righteousness, I will have confident trust forever. Trust in what? Trust in God, knowing that He loves me, that He paid the enormous price for restoration of fellowship with my Heavenly Father. I will never have to doubt that His love is unconditional and eternal. I can enter boldly into His throne room to talk to Him because He made me righteous, and that will never change, no matter what I have done, or not done!

Remember, the Lord is your refuge and strength whenever trouble of any variety knocks at your door. As a child of God, safely covered by the blood of Jesus Christ, you have no need to fear—even when things around you seem to be falling apart. Even if the earth is removed from its foundation and the mountains slide into the sea, you should not be moved by fear— God will bring victory and deliverance in every single situation.

May we each be encouraged today not to be downhearted or overwhelmed by our circumstance, trial or tribulation. Rather, let us go straight to the source, Jesus. The source of life everlasting, the source of the living water that shall never run dry, the source of light and purity, the source of our very sustenance and the source of refuge, strength, comfort, love and much joy and peace.

(© 2014 Dr. Michael Cochran – All rights reserved. Written material may not be duplicated without permission.)

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